Zatarain’s Houseparty

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Some Decorations




Michelle, Tanika and Me


Me with Spencer


Steve and I


Spencer and Judi


Judi and Gabie


Judi, Eric, Gabie and Connor


Joel. Michelle and Tanika


Judi and Andrew


Eric, Andrew and Spencer


Ok so I had my Houseparty for Zatarain’s yesterday. Although I was initially a little disappointed with the contents of the box I received the party was a nice success. I am posting pictures of what I received (just a reminder) and what I added, as well as, how the party went.
What I received
Getting ready to cook
 I think it was the perfect size with 11 people. We had a great time with great food….and a reason to celebrate. Thanks Houseparty and Zatarain’s we had a blast!

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