Kleenhanz Review

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I have a confession to make…although it is no secret. I am a germaphobe; yep certifiable germaphobe. I wash my hands probably 100 times a day and use hand sanitizer insensately. It’s true and my hands are proof of my obsessiveness. My hands look like they belong a 70 year old; they look like a dried up desert. I really can’t help it. I have a poor immune system so I do what I can to protect myself for unwanted germs. I know the alcohol is drying and bad for my skin; it also isn’t good to have around children. I have heard of children actually drinking the scented handsanitizer because it smelled so good. I have tried other alternatives but haven’t been satisfied with anything until I found Kleenhanz. Kleenhanz are Antimicrobial Towelettes that are alcohol free and they moisturize the skin. I was a little skeptical about using them thinking for sure they smelled bad but they don’t. They actually smell really nice, like lotion or something. I used them and I couldn’t believe it. The towlettes have a unique texture and are more durable than a traditional towlette. Here are some reasons you should use Kleenhanz:
·         Alcohol-free hand cleaning and sanitizing wipe that kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria on contact
·         Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic

·         Water based product (over 99%)

·         Does not sting on open wounds

·         Non-flammable and Non-toxic

·         Safe to use on children and infants

·         Leaves hands feeling soft

·         Towelettes are freshly scented and lightly moistened

·         Provides long lasting germ killing protection

I have become a big fan of Kleenhanz. I have them in my purse, in the car and on the counter. If you are interested in finding out more information please go to their website following on Twitter and find them on Facebook. 

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