Mad Hippie Exfoliating Serum Review

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Are you looking for affordable natural skin care? I am always looking for the best skin care products available but I am on a budget and can’t afford to spend $95 on eye cream. I also want something that is natural without parabens and other harmful ingredients. I found a company called Mad Hippie that offers just that. Mad Hippie not only has a witty name but they have adorable packaging. I was able to try the Exfoliating Serum for review purposes. As I have mentioned before I am 45 and do my best to take care of my skin; however over time my skin has changed and has some discoloration and dullness. Mad Hippie Exfoliating Serum offers to shed dull, damaged skin and discoloration to reveal brighter, smoother skin. It cost $34.99 and has a 100% money back guarantee. I think that is outstanding! I haven’t found many skin care companies that offer that guarantee.The serum comes in a glass amber bottle with an eye dropper type applicator. The directions are as follows: Massage into dry, clean skin every night to every other night. Follow 10 minutes later with Mad Hippie Face Cream. They are very straight forward and specific. Additionally, the serum does mention that is may cause increased sensitivity to the sun. Use sunscreen and/or protective clothing.  I actually did notice some sun sensitivity but I always wear sunscreen when I am outdoors so it really wasn’t an issue. I found over time that the skin discoloration on my cheeks began to diminish. The serum is also unscented which is another plus in my book. Mad Hippie offers many products for your face they can be seen here. Additionally, they offer free giveaways and information on Facebook


  1. To be 45yrs old by your picture you do not look it! Thanks for the great review!

  2. Thanks Ada!

  3. Mad Hippie is an amazing line…..


  4. Mad hippie is an amazing line of face care…..
    Wonderful review, can’t wait for my Exfoliationg serum to het here. I’ve always exfoliated in the shower before using the cleanser. Does this not shed skin, and leave it on your face since you’ve already washed?

  5. Nice

  6. Not sure if my last comment even worked but I was wondering how the serum works since usingtarter washing your face? Doesn’t that leave sheded skin on your face? And then putting facecream over that?
    Mad hippie is just incredible!


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