20 Second Fitness Week 5

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We just finished up week 5 of 20 Second Fitness. I will say this week has been a little bit of a challenge due to an illness. I wasn’t able to work out every day as planned but I still did what I could do. I am also happy to report I lost another pound. I really love this work out program and when I can’t do it I miss doing it! It is really a great program that is fun and motivating. If you want to learn more about it please check out the program here. Also if you decide to purchase it don’t forget to use the code “my so called balanced life” for free shipping. 


  1. Yeah for another pound lost, that is awesome. I love programs that you do miss doing. thank you for sharing this.

  2. Shannyn SimplyShan says:

    Congrats on the pound gone! Are you in love with this program?

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