Cutting Edge Stencils Review and Giveaway

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Are you looking for a simple solution to add a little zing to your home décor? I am always looking to add something extra to mine. I recently discovered a company that specializes in reusable wall stencils. The company is called Cutting Edge Stencils. They offer a huge variety of wall stencils and designs which also include skill level. I watched the informative video about stenciling before I chose the stencil I wanted. Here is the video:

 I am new at stenciling so I chose a pattern for beginners the stencil I chose was the Floral Filigree Stencil. I wanted to use it to cover the main wall in my office so I chose 2 contrasting colors for the design.  That particular wall has a medium texture and due to the details in the stencil my husband tacked it down to avoid bleed over from the paint.

Securing the stencil to the wall 
It was simple to apply to the wall; we secured the  stencil on the wall, rolled the paint and removed it carefully. The project was simple and took less than 2 hours to complete.

2 light designs
1 dark design on top of the light designs
 We painted 2 light designs and 1 dark design on top. My husband free-handed centers in the flowers to add a little more dimension. As you can see it transformed a plain wall into a beautiful work of art.   
Project complete
Cutting Edge Stencils are made in the USA of sturdy 12 mil clear plastic material. It is sturdy, flexible, easy to work with, reusable and easy to clean. These stencils are perfect for DIY projects for the wall, fabric and furniture. They also offer stenciling supplies such as rollers, brushes, levels, and more. Cutting Edge Stencils offers something for everyone whether you are a crafter or a person who enjoys DIYprojects. If you are looking for gift ideas Cutting Edge Stencils even offers Gift Certificates. If you would like to learn more about stenciling visit their blog. You can also enter to win one stencil of any value up to $50 right here!
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  1. Shauna Lynn says:

    Butterfly Dance, Butterfly 4 pc, Butterfly Medallion, Flower Power, Dahlia Grande Flower, & Polka Dots!!!

  2. melanie ramey says:
  3. francis485 says:

    i would love the butterfly wall stencils, so cute, they have tons of stuff, now i want to stencil my whole house, the one you have is so pretty

  4. I love the Lotus Grande Flower Stencil. And the Tree Peony Flower Stencil!

  5. Jerla Oh lalala says:

    that’s a fancy decor, i would love that if i have my own house. can’t put anything in our wall especially that sticks because the landlord will not be happy about it

  6. that is really pretty

  7. Jamie Tomkins says:

    I love the Tiger Stencil Wall Art

  8. monicaplatz says:

    I would love the ceiling medallion!

  9. Brandy Batson says:

    the cherry blossoms

  10. I love the one from this giveaway:) It is very, very beautiful!

  11. Polka Dots Stencils 3pc. kit

  12. Cool design. Nice job!

  13. BORDER/STRIPE STENCILS Virginia Creeper Border/Stripe Stencil

  14. SAKURA AND BIRDS WALL STENCIL or Virginia Creeper Border/Stripe Stencil

  15. I would love the Sakura and Birds Wall Stencil!

  16. Wow! That’s very nice.

  17. the Paisley stencils. I have to say I love their stenciles, I get so many ideas just looking at their web site. thanks so much for the review and giveaway.

  18. Japanese Maple Branch Stencil.

  19. I would love the tree and branch stencils.

  20. I think they would be cute to do my grandchilrens “room” in.

  21. Jerri Davis says: Poppies all Over. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  22. I like the Peony 6 pc Stencil kit

  23. Sonya Sanderson says:

    I like the butterflies

  24. Amanda Rauch says:

    The snowflake one-so pretty

  25. I like the ROSE DAMASK STENCIL

  26. I like the large tree and birds stencils-
    Rita Spratlen

  27. golden storm says:

    Wisteria 5 pc Stencil kit is lovely

  28. maybe Wildflower Border Stencil!

  29. Kylie Carlson says:

    I love the Japanese Maple Branch Stencil!

  30. Krystal Miller says:

    The Large Ammonite Fossil stencil is pretty cool… the other fossils are awesome, too.

  31. I liked the lily scroll craft stencil.

  32. Klydra Pugh says:

    I like the Butterfly Dance Wall Stencil.

  33. JENNIFER HART says:


  34. Heather Wone says:

    I LOVE the Japanese Maple Leaves 6pc Stencil Set!!

  35. Jessica Snook says:

    I like the Verde Damask Stencil.

  36. Rachel Gibson says:

    I love the BUTTERFLY DANCE WALL STENCIL. My daughter is really into butterflies

  37. Fanpire Kita says:

    Spring Songbirds Wall Stencil

  38. liberty boblett says:

    Chinese Ginkgo Stencil by Kim Myles! I love this!!!

  39. skyrobinson says:

    Holiday Stencils

  40. I like the Wildflower one! Beautiful

  41. So pretty! I like the dandelion and the poppy field ones.

  42. I like the ceiling medallions stencil. It would be a perfect addition to my home since the holidays are coming up soon!

  43. Teresa Thompson says:

    Dandelion Stencil

  44. HiiS GuMMy QueeN says:


  45. HiiS GuMMy QueeN says:


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