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I know I have mentioned before how much I like to decorate my home but I hate spending an absorbent about of money or time doing it. I have really become a huge fan of wall decals and wall stickers.  I personally think it is a great option for anyone to add something extra to their  home. I found a nice company called Dezign with a Z; they offer a huge selection of wall decals and stickers including a great selection for KidsRooms. I had the opportunity to receive the WineFestival decals in black for review purposes.  My husband and I are big wine drinkers and wine makers so I wanted to add the decals to our bar area. The decals I received were large and very detailed which I really liked. Our walls in the basement have light texture so we had planned on applying them to the wall. However, because of the detail and texture combination we were unable to get the decals to stick to the wall so we opted for putting them on the windows.  I actually really like the decals on the windows as it adds an extra dimension to our bar and recreation area. I can tell you applying the decals to the windows was easier than trying to apply it to our walls as they adhere to flat smooth surfaces  better than our lightly textured walls. 

The decals are made of a nice quality vinyl that include great deal of instructions. Here are easy to follow directions taken off of the website:  
Lay your Dezign With a Z adhesive decal on a hard, flat surface and rub firmly over the wall decal with a squeegee (credit card, rubber spatula…etc.). This will strengthen the bond between the vinyl decal and the transfer tape (this way the vinyl decal won’t stay on the white backing when you remove it – see following step)

Remove the white backing, making sure the vinyl decal sticks properly to the transfer tape.

Arrange the vinyl sticker on the desired surface. Press the top edge onto the surface and firmly smooth the tape all the way down, avoiding bubbling and wrinkles.

Finish the application by rubbing over the entire wall decal with the squeegee in order to remove any air bubbles and activate the bond between the vinyl graphic and the surface

Remove the transfer tape from one corner & slowly roll it along the surface. If part of the wall decal sticks to the tape, simply roll the tape back, press down firmly & continue peeling.

Remove any air bubbles by rubbing over the decal with a clean cloth (you can also poke bubbles with a fine needle and then smooth it out). On textured surfaces be sure to rub over the wall decal very firmly! This will ensure a proper bond between the wall decal and the surface, and will prevent it from peeling off over time. This phase is really important to ensure the wall decal will adhere properly to the surface. Bring extra care to this step in any case.

Dezign with a Zreally offers everything from room décor, wall murals, as well as, window, car and holiday decals and more. You can also customize the decals with a variety of sizes, as well as, colors.  If you would like to win a $30 Gift Certificate for Dezign with a Z please enter the Rafflecopter below.
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  1. Julia Potvin says:

    Wow now those are different, really cool! Love the “drink” glass idea.

  2. I just adore their trees!

  3. Mike Davis says:

    Interesting way to decorate–I like Cherry Blossom wall it would great in the babies room

  4. Owl! vinyl wall stickers are neat..I love owls

  5. mommabosnick says:

    My funny trucks wall decals! My 4 year old would love them!

  6. Stephanie Behlen says:

    I love the cherry blossoms

  7. Heather Wone says:

    Oh i love the blossom branch!

  8. I like the Between Cats & Dogs wall decals

  9. Everything By Chelsea says:

    I love those! They are so different!!

  10. Jessica Snook says:

    I like the Tweety Girl wall stick ons.

  11. I think the wine glassses!

  12. carol clark says:

    cherry blossoms entered

  13. jennifer Moore says:

    I like the owl decals

  14. I like the Floral 102 adhesive wall clings!

  15. I love the decal! This is very fitting for the bar. Great choice!

  16. I love Cherry Blossom Wall it is adorable!

  17. The classic blackboard for my little man to draw on.

  18. Shauna Lynn says:

    I’d get the purple butterflies 🙂

  19. the Poppies for me.

  20. I LOVE the Moonshine for Walls decal! I want that! 🙂

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  21. BzzAgent KaciOhio says:
  22. jenny green says:

    I love the wine glasses! They are right up my ally!

  23. Dawn Sterner says:

    I like the Wreath 🙂

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