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If you are looking for healthy alternative snack options or gifts for the health conscience person I found what you are looking for. Nibbles is an affordable custom snack box delivered by mail. The box includes 4 snacks that you want for only $17.25. They offer a great selection of organic and natural snacks with witty names including Berry Boost, Seedy Affair, Cran Pecan Explosion to name a few. I received a box of Nibbles and I have to say I am really impressed. I received my box very quickly and when it arrived I couldn’t wait to open it. It came in a really attractive box and the snacks are nicely packaged in individual containers. It also comes with a note that describes each snack in the box. 

The four snacks I got in my box were Apple Pecan Pie, Chocolate Pretzel, Sunflower Fields, and Tropical Treat. 
The Apple Pecan Pie ingredients are dried apple rings, pecan halves, and golden raisins. 
The Chocolate Pretzel ingredients are chocolate sea salt cashews, oat bran pretzel nibs, and raisins. 
The Sunflower Fields ingredients are roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds, soy nuts, jalapeno pistachios and roasted almonds.
 The Tropical Treat ingredients are pineapple rings, mango slices and shaved coconut. 
I can tell you these snacks are out of this world good! There actually wasn’t one snack that wasn’t devoured at my house. I have to admit my favorite snack was the Tropical Treat snack mix the fruit was chewy and packed full of fruit flavor. It was truly divine. I would definitely switch out the sweet holiday snacks for Nibbles. If you would like to see the vast collection of snacks please visit the website.
*Featured in My So Called Balanced Life
 2012 Holiday Gift Guide*

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  1. I know the person that I need to get this for, that looks delicious.

  2. this would make a great gift

  3. Oh my goodness that looks so good! I want the Tropical Treat.

  4. Those look so good, They look like the perfect gift for Me LOL, I do know a few people that I will have to get some of these for

  5. Thank you Melinda, for such a nice review! We are really glad you enjoyed your Nibbles box 🙂 Happy upcoming holidays from the Nibbles team!

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