Premier Dog Products Review

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I am always on the lookout for exceptional products for my dogs. Since rescuing Frosty, I had to adjust from having just small dogs to having small dogs and a large dog. I have never owned a large dog and truly had no idea how to handle one. After rescuing him, we immediately put him in training classes; again I didn’t know how to handle him. At first I just had a regular harness and leash for him-I had no idea what my hands and shoulders would be going through. I had to change my game plan pretty quickly. I did a lot of research on the internet and found Premier products. I read a lot of positive things about the Easy Walk Harness and had to try it out. I received a fabulous package from Premier full of exciting products for my dogs for evaluation purposes. I received an Easy Walk Harness for my dogs and 4 dog toys. I can’t even put into words how excited I was to try these products. 
The Easy Walk Harness is awesome! It works excellent for all of my dogs, but it REALLY made a significant difference with Frosty. Not only did it make walking him easier (on both of us) it has also improved the effectiveness of the training. The Easy Walk Harness fits him properly and comfortable, so he doesn’t try to escape or take it off. The design of the harness discourages pulling and doesn’t choke him. The harness includes features such as:
Two quick-snap buckles one on the shoulder and one on the belly

Soft nylon with 4 adjustment points to provide a comfortable custom fit

The martingale chest loop reduces gapping and redirects forward motion

The belly strap is a different color than the harness which makes it easy to locate up and down on the harness

They are also available is a variety of sizes and colors such as; Red, Royal Blue, Green, Fawn, Deep Purple, Black and Raspberry. My dogs all have their own color Frosty’s is Black, Chloe’s is Raspberry and Peaches’ is Deep Purple. The harnesses work fantastic on all three of my dogs. In addition to the harnesses, I also received a selection of toys. 

I received 2 Pogo Plush toys, a Tug-a-Jug toy and a Bouncy Bone. I love the variety of toys Premier offers. The Pogo Plush toys are not your average plush toy. They do not include stuffing in them; they have an inner bouncy frame with a free-floating squeaker. They are also machine washable. I admit I have to watch my dog’s time with the plush toys. Frosty can destroy them within a few minutes, but they happen to be Peaches favorite toy, so I set a timer and watch them closely. As you can see they love playing with the Pogo Plush toys and Peaches does always run away with it. 

Their favorite toy that they all go crazy for is the Tug-a-Jug. It is a marvelous toy for all of them. 

Waiting for the Tug-a-Jug
The jug comes apart so you can put small treats (I use dog food) in it and the dogs have to figure out how to get the food out. I can tell you Chloe and Peaches figured out remarkably soon to allow Frosty to get the toy because he shakes it and the food comes out. He finally figured out he was making it drop the food so now he drops it when the food is dispensed. 

They have played with this toy for hours. It is also a perfect toy to play fetch with. The Bouncy Bone is used right now as a special treat for Frosty when I brush him or cut his nails it keeps him distracted during the grooming process. I found all of the products from Premier to be high quality and effective products. I can honestly say the Easy Walk Harness has saved me from pain and frustration. Premier offers other excellent products such as leashes, apparel, collars, toys, leads, and more. They even offer a full line of products just for cats! If you are a pet owner, I highly recommend the products from Premier. If you would like to learn more about the products or where to buy them visit the websitefor more information.  

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  1. I need new toys for my dogs. Thank you for the review..

  2. I don’t have a dog but my cat would love the rabbit toy

  3. I don’t have any pets as yet, but I’m researching if I want a dog or cat. So it’s good to find this kind of information

  4. What a great idea! lol And a great review too. I love dogs. I hope to have another one soon. I lost my Shogun several years ago and I think maybe I’m far enough past it to take the risk again. Thanks for the info 🙂

  5. How cute!!! My dogs would love those. 🙂

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