Be True To Yourself

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I found this on Facebook yesterday and thought it needed to be shared. I think this is a tremendous reminder to take care of yourself. I don’t know about you, but I strive every day to live a better life and be a better me. However, other obligations get in the way of what I want for myself. Dealing with balancing a family, bills, pets and more seem to be the first priority and I end up last on the list. By the time,  I get a chance to work on me I am out of time and energy. I am working feverishly to change things in my life because I am not happy. I know if I take care of me the rest will fall into place. I am challenging myself to live a better life for me and to do things that make me happy. Do you make yourself a priority or do you get lost in the shuffle of other obligations? 


  1. Rita VonCoupon says:

    Something we all need to remind ourselves of often! Yes I make myself a priority, if I can’t help me, I can’t help anyone else.

  2. I try to be happy every day! I am responsible for my happiness. Smile and others smile.

  3. MikiHope says:

    I get lost in the shuffle mostly–but am working on doing what makes me happy more often lately.

  4. Kim Nagel says:

    You just described me to a T! I am going to try and put me first beginning tomorrow.

  5. Chubskulit Rose says:

    Sometimes finding the balance is hard but we just have to do our best..

  6. I think most moms get lost in the shuffle, we always put everyone’s needs before ours. I have been planning a nice relaxing night of a long hot bath with a good book, I bought the book three months ago when my husband promised it would happen. Yeah, glad I did not hold my breath on that one, lol. Still trying to find balance – let me know when you get it figured out!!

  7. cassandrasminicorner says:

    How I wish I could prioritize myself but I always end up putting myself at the end. I am busy taking care of my two little kids, doing house chores and more! But, I should and I should do myself first!

  8. cassandrasminicorner says:

    This is a simple reminder to us all! It’s important to be happy and to prioritize ourselves first but I knew finding balance can be difficult.

  9. Nova Hedges says:

    the only thing we can do in our life to be accepted is to be true to our self, because we don’t want to just fool our own self right?

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