Tongue-Tied Tuesday…Where is Spring?

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The weather has been CRAZY in Colorado lately!

This is what I woke up to this morning….more dreary snowy weather!

Last week we had 61 mile an hour winds and extremely low temperatures a few days later it is in the 60’s. It is the middle of April and it is still snowing here. Where is Spring? Are you experiencing crazy where you are or has Spring sprung where you are?


  1. I live in SC and the weather has been crazy here, too.

  2. That is such a beautiful photo. I want to see snow so bad. I have lived in Florida my whole life. It’s always too hot here, but I bet I’d get sick of the cold pretty quick.

  3. Well–I did see my first Robin yesterday and the forsythia is beginning to bloom–but the weather has not stabilized yet–one day warm-the next day cold

  4. Beautiful picture! We are in South East Alabama and a couple days ago it was cold, now its hot. It’s crazy lately here to!

  5. Jennifer Williams says

    We skipped right past Spring to Summer, it is already in the 90’s here. You are more than welcome to come visit, though I would wait until next week when the pool is back in shape!!

  6. Over here at our end, one day it’s a bit warm and the next day, cold again.. sigh.

  7. looks like heavy fog for me but we’re more of an April showery weather here in northwestern part of PA. hate it though coz I can’t work in my garden coz of sticky wet ground.

  8. Coolchillmom says

    Ohhh not to get you upset but we are practically on summer weather now!

  9. Marms @Travel and Lifestyle says

    It’s raining here where I’m at in Texas. Cannot till the garden this weekend because the soil is wet.
    Nice photo..

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