Friday Chatter~Vicci Martinez ft Cee-Lo Green

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Happy Friday! This week I wanted to share a song from Vicci Martinez (from The Voice) featuring Cee-Lo Green the song title is Come Along. I don’t have this CD yet but the title is Vicci. I do plan on getting it in the near future. What is the latest CD you have purchased? Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I don’t listen to music much unless I am driving in my car-I don’t even remember the last time I bought a music CD!

  2. I love Friday’s on your blog, you are introducing me to so many great songs.

  3. Chavonne H says:

    Wow I can’t even remember the last cd I bought. I usually just listen to music online. I think it might have been Mariah Carey’s last Christmas cd.

  4. Love these videos you post! ♪ ♫

  5. i think the last CD i purchased was by Incubus. I really love that band.:)

  6. I love the tone of her voice. This is such a soothing song. I love your taste in music. Always so much fun to stop by and see what song you’ve chosen to highlight.

  7. She is really good!

  8. amiableamy says:

    Oh gosh! That’s a tough question hehehe … 🙂 I think it’s been a long time since I purchased a CD. I listen to youtube and Pandora that’s why <3 I will check on that song though.

  9. love her voice ! it’s been a while since i last purchased a cd. but i do download my music from iTunes for my Ipod and laptop. that’s how i listen to music.

  10. lovely song…

  11. Thanks for the next song that I will be listening to now!!

  12. Great video! I haven’t bought a cd in years now. I was thinking about buying Led Zeppelin I – IV or how ever many there are!

  13. I have never heard this song(or heard of her) Thanks for sharing,

  14. Marms @Travel and Lifestyle says:

    She has a nice voice.

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