Biggest Regret #CHALLENGETOWRITE Day 18

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One thing in your life that you most regret and why?
I try hard not to regret decisions I have made in my life because I don’t think that serves me in any way. However, there are places or events that I had a chance to go to and didn’t for one reason or another. One of those regrets is not going to the top of Zugspitze when we were in Germany. Out of all the times we had visited Bavaria Germany there was only 1 time the weather was remarkably clear, and we could have seen everything from the top. That particular trip we had made other plans and didn’t have the extra money to go to the top. It would have cost around $160 at the time, and we just didn’t have the extra money to do it. I don’t know that we will ever make it back to Germany (as much as I want to), but it was a chance of a lifetime that I didn’t take. I will always regret not doing that because the possibility of making it back to Germany is pretty slim. Here is a picture that I took of Zugspitze during that trip.


What is one thing in your life that you most regret and why?


  1. Jean Bullock says

    I think the biggest regrets would probably be too personal to share on the internet.

    • Dalimama66 says

      Mine is too that is why I picked a destination. Some times living is painful enough without sharing it with the world.

  2. michelle oakley warner says

    my biggest regret out of life is when i was about 13 years ago i got into drugs and i lost everything, my kids my home my whole life, it took my 7 years to get through it but ive jumped that hurdle and am over it and have fixed as much as i can in life, but i still regret it

    • Dalimama66 says

      I am sorry to hear about your struggles. I understand your regrets but in some ways even though it was painful you are the person you are because of your struggles. It is moments that are our biggest mistakes or regrets that teach us the most valuable lessons.

  3. Tammy Woodall says

    The biggest regrets I have in all facets of my life is to continually making the same mistakes (as if I were in a circle)…until, I finally learned the lesson to be learned before I could move forward. That has been repeated numerous times, but, like anything else, with age, comes wisdom.

    • Dalimama66 says

      Tammy, I think most of us do that. Some times it takes time to see the pattern and the willingness to change it before things turn out differently. I agree with age comes wisdom.

  4. I would not be able to post on this one honestly. My husband would move to Germany if he could, he was stationed there for a long time and loved it.

    • Dalimama66 says

      I understand what you are saying Jennifer that is why I picked something that was a destination rather than a personal story. There has been a great amount of pain in my life but I have made a choice to live my life the best I can and having regrets about past life choices just fills me with sadness and guilt. Both things don’t serve me at all.

  5. My biggest regret is getting married. I would absolutely go through it all again and walk through fire to have my beautiful son, but I still wish I hadn’t done it to begin with.

  6. I have no regrets, only lessons learned. That is my mantra

  7. Maybe the next time you go there, you could go to the top?

  8. Becky Schollian says

    I regret in the year 2000 moving on my sons 16th birthday towards the end of a collapsing relationship. Even though we moved to Maui Hi thinking yea paradise, it was a big change for my son. After 9 months of being there my relationship of 10 years ended bitterly. My son & I returned back to the mainland California. Maui was beautiful but the memories are a nightmare!!

  9. Kelli Avery says

    I hope someday you are able to make that trip! The picture is beautiful, I can definitely see why you would want to do it!

  10. I have regrets in life but it’s all about personal.

  11. Sorry! hopefully you’ll get through it and be able to fulfill those wishes you may have.

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