Vacation Destination #RockYourBlog Day 7

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The Vatican

What is your favorite vacation destination?

Ok this is a difficult question. I have been to a lot of exciting places, but my truly favorite place in the world (that I have been so far) is Rome, Italy.  I love the culture, the wine, the food, the people the atmosphere. It is just spectacular. There is something about Rome that I just find comfort in. It is actually the strangest thing, but I feel like I belong there for some reason. Don’t get me wrong it is hectic and full of people; yet when I was it didn’t seem to matter.  There is always something to see or do there.  In the plainest of buildings you can find the most glorious things, it is genuinely incredible.

Rome Italy

The history alone of Rome is astounding, but when you are there and you see the enormity of the structures and ruins it is almost inconceivable how they were built so long ago.

I know when people think of Rome they think of the Coliseum or the Vatican, but it certainly has so much more to offer. If you like walking (you walk a lot), art, history or just water fountains Rome undoubtedly has it all.

Rome Italy

Not to mention great wine and gelato! I am so glad that I had the opportunity to go there I only hope to go there again someday. What is your favorite vacation destination?



  1. my favorite vacation destination is Disney world

  2. Coolchillmom says:

    My favorite destination is Paris but Rome and the whole if Italy are right there!
    Great insges

  3. I have traveled outside the US very little being a home body at heart. I must say I did enjoy visiting Israel when my Mom took me there for my 50th birthday. Talk history!! I got a true appreciation for why they used to throw stones–they are every place–especially in my sandals!! We really took a LARGE tour and got to see everything–talk walking—I needed a vacation after the vacation!!

  4. You are such a world traveler! I haven’t been to Italy. My favorite would be Korea.

  5. If given the chance and if budget permits us to go, I would love to spend some time there too.

  6. Paris has always been my favorite. i enjoyed my stay in Paris multiple of times before and would want to go back there again, this time with my family.

  7. Mel Cole says:

    my favorite is in Philippines where I can spend time with my family there. I want to see Paris and Rome someday too.

  8. Healy Harpster says:

    I have many destinations in mind that I want to visit. I want to visit Spain and Italy.

  9. I bet those were great places to visit, but what I always wanted to is to visit my hometown all the time. I could care less about the other countries for I’m more than happy to spend time with my family back in my hometown.

  10. Awe! Italy. My husband and I talked about visiting Italy, but thought that if we ever vacation out of the country that it would be New Zealand first. Anyway, I would love to visit Italy too and see the beautiful country and eat some of their delicious Italian food. We always joked about how we have Italian tummies and how we love their food so much. LOL! Lovely photos.

  11. I love to visit Italy, France, Australia and many other countries in the future.

  12. I would love to see the art and the fountains. 🙂 The wine would be great, too. 🙂

  13. I grew up watching the mass on TV with my granny … watching Pope John Paul 11 actually (on special occasion and I told myself, I will go to ROME someday. Well, I am drawn to Rome because of Vatican. This year, hubby wanted to push through the plan to visit Europe and Rome is one of the itinerary.

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