Road Trip! #RockYourBlog Day 14

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Tell us about a road trip you either took or plan to take
As for road trips I have taken some extremely long ones. The last significant one was from Washington to California when we went to Disneyland. My son has always been great in the car, so road trips have always been a fun adventure. Now that I am older my version of a road trip is a 5 hour ride in the car…lol. I don’t enjoy being in a car for hours on end it is hard on my body. My max mileage limit is 500 a day. It drives my husband crazy because he thinks we should be able to drive across the country in a day; I, however, disagree. When we lived in Germany, we traveled a lot. It seems like places were more accessible there. We never drove for more than 6-7 hours to get to a destination.


We even drove from Germany to Amsterdam in less than a day. Right now we don’t have any road trip plans, we are staying close to home for now. Do you like road trips? Do you have one planned?


  1. We haven’t got one planned soon but the road trip I always remember is when we travelled from the UK to Germany (via ferry of course lol) for the Christmas Markets. Although on a coach, with meant we could just relax and take in the sites it took ridiculously long, never again !!

  2. as a kid we use to just take road trips with no destination in sight now i’m older we don’t so that as much

  3. Melinda what made you decide to move here? I am curious and you do not have to answer. I would love to visit another country some day. My sister has her degree in foreign language and she has taken German for few years. My sister recently went over to Spain and did some teaching. I love road trips but I cannot handle 30 hours in a car anymore without many many breaks.

    • I am originally from Colorado. My husband’s job requires us to move around a lot. It is funny because I really love Europe (my great grandparents came from there). It is amazing all the history and things that are there. There is a part of me that feels that is were I belong but another part of me thinks I need to be near water…LOL. It is amazing how living around different cultures opens your eyes.

  4. Jennifer Williams says

    That is quite a trip, not sure if I could handle it. I can not remember the last road trip I took, would love to go to North or South Carolina though.

  5. I’m originally from South Carolina but spent 15 years in Texas – I remember fondly the road trips my family took during the holidays and summers.

  6. Road trips are so much fun especially when you have the whole clan with you in a big truck. I always love to go on a road trip something you cherish in your life.

  7. Marms @Travel and Lifestyle says

    My friends and I are planning to go on a road trip to Arkansas.

  8. The first family road trip we had was 3 years ago. We drop from San Diego to San Francisco. We stop by at the Los Angeles and stayed there for a day, we wandered in the Hollywood blvd and drove to SF the next day. It was fun!

  9. When you drove from Washington to California, was it Washington state or Washington DC? I think the furthest I have been in a vehicle was from Virginia to Canada {Ontario}. The farthest that I have ever driven would probably be from Virginia to South Carolina….woo! Impressive, huh? lol!

  10. I just went on a road trip last week-end, Chicago to Montgomery Alabama. I haven’t done something like that in over 13 years. It took us 12 hours.

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