MOVband Review

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MOVband is an affordable fitness device that keeps track of your movement.

MOVband Review

The MOVband is an affordable fitness device that tracks not just your steps but your movement. It is a wrist-worn activity monitor that includes the MOVband Device, MOVband Wristband(one size fits most) and a Charging Cord for the price of $30. They also have additional wristbands in a variety of colors for $5 each. I received the MOVband package with two other bands for review purposes. The first thing I did following receipt of the MOVband was to create an account.

Then I charged the device. To charge the device you plug in the USB cable to a computer then plug the device into the cable. It only takes about 3-4 hours to charge. Once the device is charged, I snapped the device into the wristband and started moving.

Snap into place

The device display shows the time, moves and miles; you just press the bottom button on the device to see the different settings. The display screen is LCD and lights up when the top button on the device is pushed.

MOVband Review

One of the benefits about MOVband is you can create a group or your own with friends and coworkers and have your own MOVchallenge It is a fun and simple program that helps people get motivated to move.

I was pretty excited to have the opportunity to review the MOVband. I had a particularly severe surgery at the end of January and had been unable to do much activity. I had become extremely sedentary while I healed. I got the “go ahead” from the doctor to start walking on a treadmill, During that time I received the MOVband. I changed the recommended move setting to something lower since I was starting out slow. Then I started my challenge; it was a very slow start nothing impressive by any means. I started walking slowly on the treadmill for 45 minutes. I didn’t pay any attention to my moves the first day on the treadmill, but I wore the MOVband all day and did not have many moves. The next day I paid attention to my count on the treadmill.

Here is the drawback to the MOVband, because I wasn’t moving my arms it did not count my steps. I had to hold on to the treadmill as I walked. As I have progressed, I don’t hold on to the treadmill the entire time I am on it now but have noticed I lose a mile every day because it doesn’t track that movement. I think the MOVband would be an ideal product for someone that just wants to track their movements or to increase motivation but not necessarily perfect for someone who holds onto the treadmill.

Tracking my moves:

MOVband Review

I do wear it on days that I don’t use the treadmill to try to stay on track with movement, which it is beneficial for that. It is also remarkably affordable which is another notable benefit about the MOVband. I also genuinely like the fact that you can join groups for social interaction and motivation. I also think it would be beneficial for children to keep them motivated and to move. If you would like to learn more about MOVband, please, visit the website.


  1. That sounds like the right thing for me! And the price is unbeatable!

  2. After a very serious surgery, I too have been sedentary for too long. I like the sound of this product and the price as well. Others I’ve seen cost close if not more than $100

  3. I am not as active as I need to be…. I so need this to give me the push I so badly need. If I knew something was tracking what I do, I would be more apt to do more moving.

  4. I really do need one of these to help me track my movement. I am so bad at it!

  5. This would be the perfect companion to my Fitbit! The Fitbit clips onto either your bra or waistband but I feel like I don’t get full credit when I am doing boxing moves with my arms or dancing. It would be interesting to wear them both and see the difference between them at the end of the day!

  6. This is fantastic!!! great way to track my movement in such an affordable price. Nice review 🙂

  7. I like this! Seems like it would really motivate a person to move! Very affordable.

  8. Great review, thank you for sharing! I’ve been looking into products like these to use on my health & fitness journey when I start in a week or two!

  9. This sounds interesting. I will definitely have to check this out.

  10. Oh I need one of these! I walk/zumba almost every day and this would just be so cool to have.

  11. MOVbandUK says:

    For those who live in the UK you may purchase your MOVband at

    You can put the MOVband on your leg so you don’t miss miles when running n the treadmill. some put it in their sock, just make sure its secure. 🙂

    Great Post!

  12. what a cool device I love that it tracks your movement

  13. Nicole A. says:

    I have been wanting something like this but they all seemed pricey. $30 is a price I can live with.

  14. Oh that is a nice thing to have, keeping you in track.

  15. always curious to try these gadgets

  16. Jennifer Williams says:

    I have a band that I do not like. It is great unless you are pushing a cart or stroller. I jog with a stroller and it considers it idle time when I use the hand my band is on. I kind of get annoyed when I get an alert to move because I have been inactive while I am running, lol! Running for 6 miles you tend to switch hands back and forth and I need something that will work for that. Maybe this will fit around my ankle.

  17. So even while you are walking you have to keep moving your arms? It would have been interesting to see how many miles I USED to walk in the office I worked at–seemed like I was always up and down the hallway-a long hallway–now that I am not there anymore–well—–

    • Yes you have to move your arms or it doesn’t track properly. It works great when I am just doing daily things it just isn’t as effective when I am on the treadmill.

  18. This looks like an awesome to have. I wanna try this.

  19. Another way to help us lose more weight, this is pretty handy. Might go to check out later.

  20. That’s nice. I could wear something like this especially when i go walk to pick up my son to school. Cool gadget indeed.

  21. I think this is something I can use too as well while doing some simple movements here in the house. I haven’t had the chance to be out walking or jogging and this can motivate me at least to make a goal of moves per day.

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