A Teacher Appears by Lori Adaile Toye Review

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Are you a student who is ready for a teacher? If so, then welcome to A Teacher Appears. As a twenty-two-year old sales rep in a small town in the Pacific Northwest, Lori Toye had never even thought about meditation, let alone asking spirit teachers for help. But all that changed in 1983 when she got a middle-of-the-night bedside “visit” from Master Saint Germain, an eighteenth-century Frenchman and “Ascended Master”…who later returned with four of his friends—teachers in white robes who presented a map of America with a new geography, along with a message: it is time for worldwide healing. Despite her questions and doubts, Lori surrendered to their requests and began disseminating their wisdom and messages—the earliest of which are published for the first time in A Teacher Appears.

Why is it helpful to get information from spirit entities? How and why should we change? We’ve noticed the drama going on in our weather, on the planet, in our culture. What is that about? What about manifesting money; what about fear, social disharmony, and my excruciating headaches? What am I doing here, how can I prepare for my future, and why on earth would spirit entities need my help? Lori asked these questions and many more.

A Teacher Appears offers fifty-one small but simple channeled lessons about Earth Change and humanity’s opportunity to open to and accept the I AM Presence—your individualized of God. All it requires is inspiration, appreciation, love, and a good teacher.


A Teacher Appears by Lori Adaile Toye is a very easy read that offers inspiring lessons. I found some of the lessons to be extremely straightforward and easy to understand. There are certainly more challenging lessons in the book that I have to continue to practice. I personally think that we all have our own guides in our lives, however, learning who they are is the difficult part. This is a lesson that I continue to struggle with. I am certainly always learning and striving to become better. I appreciate the way Lori writes about her own spiritual journey as it brings perspective and insight into learning about the Ascended Masters. If you would like to learn more about Lori and her books, please visit her website.


  1. Much different than the books I typically read. This would be a great one to stretch my thinking a bit!

  2. Spiritual fulfillment is part of or being a happy person. This book sounds like a good one.

  3. I love the idea of easy and straightforward. That’s the kind of self help book I need!

  4. Jennifer Williams says:

    This sounds like a book I could use. Spiritual growth has always been a hard area for me.

  5. sounds interesting not my typical pick but still would check it out

  6. I just got done reading the book I chose as part of my challenge and now looking for the second, I’d love to consider this to be the next.

  7. Kelli Avery says:

    This is an interesting topic to me and I am always curious to see or read other opinions and stories when coming to spirituality and what it means to them. Interesting..

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