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The Grocer

I am no stranger when it comes to reusable bags. I lived in Germany for 3 years and learned real quickly about the importance of reusable bags. You see when you go to a grocery store in Germany you don’t get “free” bags you either have your own reusable bags, pay for bags or carry all your items. It was a funny cultural lesson I learned pretty quickly. When we moved back to the USA I started slowly but surely purchasing more and more reusable bags. I try my best to use them, but have found the bags I have been purchasing don’t hold up. If they have an insert in the bottom, it is easily broken or bent and ends up being usable. Then I have had baggers pack my bags so full they are surprisingly heavy, which causes the bag to rip; that happened to me the other day.  There has got to be a better alternative to the reusable bag dilemma.  Lucky for me I found it! It is The Grocer from ADK Packworks. The Grocer is the essential bag for every household, in my opinion. The construction of The Grocer is truly impressive. It has an internal structure that folds up easy and stays upright. It is also ultra lightweight, semi-rigid and impressively versatile. It can be used as a grocery bag, backpack, and a multi-functional tote bag. It’s versatile strap provides 3 carrying options; two handed, over the shoulder and a backpack. It stands tall but folds small! I couldn’t be happier with the bag. My favorite aspect about the bag is the metal frame and base.

This takes the bag to an entirely different level than the other reusable bags. I don’t have to worry about carrying a load of heavy items and the bottom falling out.


In fact,  I used it the other day to carry milk, juice, creamer and sports drinks. It is so durable, and high quality the bag didn’t even waver. It also stayed upright in the back of my car. It didn’t tip over and spill out all the contents of the bag. Additionally, I can take out the frame and wash the bag! It is also available in different colors such as red, grey, cranberry and green. They even have an option to buy an insulation insert! I honestly think this is a “must have” for any household. If you would like to learn more about this magnificent bag visit ADK Packworks for more information.





  1. Very very nice – I’d like to have 3 in my car at all times. Would use them for all sorts of things!!!

  2. That would be great to have! Most of the reusable bags are so flimsy! That looks so sturdy!

  3. This looks like a great bag. I really need a couple of these. Great review.

  4. This is great, especially for Summer picnics! Something good to hold things I don’t want spilling!

  5. I literally have dozens of reusable bags but none that are as sturdy as this one. This would be great for vacations since it folds so flat when not in use and has so many uses!

  6. Oh what a great reusable bag that is. I like how sturdy it is. It is getting to that point here in the US too where many places don’t offer plastic or paper bags.

  7. This looks really nice, I have a lot of resuable bags but none of them look as good as this one 🙂 x

  8. Angela Addington says

    These look great not just for groceries but for organizing the car and the house. Heading over to check them out!

  9. I love this thing. I used mine when we had our road trip and it kept our drinks cool the whole time.

  10. That is pretty awesome! We use reusabales as often as we can. I may have to look into this!

  11. tonygreene113 says

    I would give these a shot to see just how long they would last over time. Is there a link to see how long these bags last for a family of six?

  12. I need one of these bags to keep in my car! I am always forgetting my reusable bags and most of them aren’t that durable.

  13. Jennifer Williams says

    I have one of these and use it for everything – grocery shopping, hiking, beach outings, etc. It is great because of the frame and straps you can position different ways.

  14. This would be such a versatile bag to add to my life.

  15. what an awesome bag i want one i always use recyclable bags

  16. Great bag. I love to take my own bags to the store for many reasons. Some of the bags hold up better than others. This bag looks like it would last a long time and be very durable.

  17. Looks like a very sturdy grocery bag. Better than those plastic ones.

  18. I cannot wait to get my ADK packworks grocer.:)

  19. I support reusable bag for grocery very economical. This one is really fit on me I want to have one of this

  20. I own one and I just love everything about it. Very useful and I do hope whenever we buy a small amount of grocery we won’t be needing plastic bags anymore.

  21. Liza Barnett says

    I have seen this multiple times on my blog hop and now I want one for myself. It looks so useful and durable too.

  22. Healy Harpster says

    I liked this bag, perfect for those can items, milk and juices. Nice review!

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