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My So Called Balanced Life has teamed up with awesome bloggers to offer this incredible giveaway to you!

Shopping for Back-to-School can be very costly, that’s why the ladies of Social Media Mavens have teamed up to bring you this amazing giveaway for a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Tricias Treasures, My So Called Balanced Life, Reviewz & News, MamaBreak, and Squashie-Dipity want to make Back-to-School shopping easier for you and as stress free as possible. 
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  1. Colleen Fowler says

    My least favorite thing about back to school is the nerves! It’s always hard walking into a new classroom.

  2. My least favorite thing about back–to-school is giving up all of that free time I had in the summer w/the kids.

  3. The killer traffic!

  4. ill miss my kiddo

  5. My least favorite thing about back-to-school is the strict schedule we have to adhere to. I love summers because we can come and go as we please.

  6. Stefanie Gladden says

    I hate shopping for school supplies!!

  7. Asimina kaminis says

    Waking up early

  8. My least favorite thing is waking up early!!

  9. I’m sad to see my kiddo go back to school. Enjoy spending time with her in the Summer.

  10. Spending money on supplies.

  11. Waking up early for sure.

  12. stacey dempsey says

    My least favorite thing is trying to get eveyone out of bed in the morning, it takes awhile till they all get back on schedule . It can be quite a thing for awhile lol

  13. getting everyone up early

  14. My least favorite thing about back to school is covering all the books! (I also miss the kids when they are gone),

  15. Marti Parks says

    My least favorite thing is the changes to our schedule.

  16. Terri Herman says

    The 5 days a week thing! Love short weeks!

  17. Having to get up early again and all the germs she brings home. Yuck

  18. My least favorite thing about back to school is the getting up early.

  19. Andrea Williams says

    Having to get up early in order to get everything done before school.

  20. giving up the freetime i had wit friends and family

  21. Samantha D. says

    I think the worst is getting up early again or just getting back into routine

  22. Getting back into routine is the worst!!!!lol

  23. Kailyn Nguyen says

    I hate waking up early

  24. Jessica Snow says

    Getting up early.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  25. Traffic

  26. Michele Behlen says

    My kids are grown now but my least favorite thing was the morning rush to get ready and out to the bus on time.

  27. School shopping seems to always be the worst. It always gets pushed off until everyone is in the stores at the same time.

  28. I don’t have kids right now. But my least favorite thing about going back to school when I was a kid was waking up so early. And PE…

  29. Wild Orchid says

    My least favorite part is the alarm clock!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  30. Sue Sattler says

    I’m trying to think of something I hate about back to school, I really am. 😀 My three grandkids live with me, this year I have one in first grade, one in kindergarten and one in pre-school. I’m planning on taking the second day of school off from work just to relax and have a kid free day. I love the excitement when they come home from school and we talk about what they’ve learned.

  31. Nothing – we homeschool!

  32. My least favorite part is not going back to school. I used to teach, and though I love what I am doing now every once in awhile I feel a twinge to return to teaching.

  33. jeanette sheets says

    getting the kids up early

  34. Patti Wilder says

    just going to work..I work at a school

  35. I don’t like having to get up EARLY and I don’t like the high cost of all the the back to school clothes, supplies…

  36. Missing my kids when they go back to school. We spend a lot of time together and I will have partial empty nest syndrome for months.

  37. Carolann Leibenguth says

    My least favorite back to school duty is buying my sons school clothes he hates to try them on and it makes for a long day full of complaints.

  38. Tracy Heyer says

    Waking up early!

  39. The traffic is the worst thing of all!! 🙂

  40. Trying to drag everyone out of bed early after sleeping in for the entire summer.

  41. Tammy Dalley says

    Getting up early to get the kids off to school! Ugh

  42. Nadene Adams says

    My least favorite thing about back to school is the early mornings!

  43. Early mornings, miss sleeping in.

  44. My least favorite thing about back to school is fighting with my son to get out of bed in the morning and get ready for school. Thank you for the giveaway.

  45. Victoria Carlson says

    My least favorite thing about back to school is that days are no longer as relaxed as they once were!

  46. Karla Sceviour says

    I hate getting up early in the morning,and then trying to get my teenager son up!

  47. Brooke Adametz says

    Waking up early!

  48. The early bedtimes and strict schedules

  49. My least favourite thing about it, at this point in my life, is all of the advertising.

  50. My least favourite thing about it is alarm clock!

  51. melissa leyh says

    actually having to send the kids back to school if i could homeschool all 5 of them i would:)

  52. Buses mixed in the traffic.

  53. Getting up early, and the rush traffic.

  54. Seyma Shabbir says

    Getting up early, rushing to get my kids from school so I don;t look like I forgot them! 😛

  55. Patrick Siu says

    packing lunch

  56. Shopping.

  57. I honestly feel bad for my kids – school is tough these days – and I guess I miss them too.

  58. Something that i always remind me to bring it on school

  59. jennifer horn says

    My least favorite thing is getting grumpy kids out of bed too early.

  60. Buying school supplies.

  61. Cheryl Chervitz says

    I don’t have kids at home any more, but I hate going to the store and trying to find anything that has to do with school. Too many rude people out there.

  62. Jennifer Rote says

    Waking up early is the worst.

  63. tammy young says

    wont let me past the links in the bar

  64. Traffic & School zones! lol

  65. Rachel Rodrigues says

    getting up so early and trying to get back on a schedule

  66. My least favorite thing about back-to-school is not being able to sleep in anymore!

  67. Stress of getting the kids ready

  68. The cost of the new clothes and school supplies….

  69. all the school traffic

  70. Laura Lanza says

    it means that summer is over

  71. School parking lot’s in the morning! Parents are crazy!

  72. kara kjellman says

    The least thing is like is the expenses. It’s hard when you have four kids in school.

  73. Disruption of routine.

  74. Paol Trenny says

    traffic on campus, expenses, and research papers

  75. michelle boor says

    All the money on supplies

  76. home work :))

  77. My least favorite thing about back to school is missing the kids!

  78. Megan Parsons says

    My kids never get sick in the summer, but as soon as school starts they bring colds and the flu bugs home : (

  79. My least favorite thing about the back to school season is all the consumerism that takes place!

  80. Lynda Thomas says

    trying to get back into the routine of things!

  81. My least favorite thing is adjusting the new new time on the alarm clock

  82. Wanda McHenry says

    The traffic!!

  83. How expensive it can get!

  84. I hate having to wake up early!

  85. Trying to get the kids out of bed for the early morning starts

  86. My least favourite part is needing to wake up early again.

  87. Favorite Thing about Back to school has to be the little bit of quiet time with the wife after i get home from work and before the kids get home.

  88. Mary Cummings says

    Least favorite thing about school is the time it starts! Not all people are earlybirds!

  89. Waking up early!

  90. tammy shelton says

    My least favorite thing is having to wake up so early.

  91. I have no school aged children. I do enjoy the peace and quiet on the street while the children are in school.

  92. Least fave thing about ” back to school time ” is really the climate…Summer changes to autumn and carefree hot summer days are gone…unless we get an Indian Summertime. Bring out the boots and umbrella and wait for the rain. I prefer sunshine and associate that with the school year ending and summer holiday time.

  93. super early mornings…

  94. Its homework .:(

  95. getting up early and having to be around people

  96. Waking up early!

  97. Laura Jacobson says

    Oh for me….its the homework! I think the kids get way more homework that we did when I was growing up. But…maybe I just dont remember getting that much! LOL

  98. Having such a loaded morning schedule.

  99. waking up early

  100. My least fave about school is that no more summertime (vacation, lounging or swimming) … end of summer

  101. not being able to have breakfast when I want.

  102. Homework!

  103. justa sobriquet says

    the cost of all the school supplies.

  104. For me, back to school time usually just means that work gets less busy, so I can’t think of any negatives!

  105. waking up early!

  106. Michelle - Snarky Mom says

    MY least favorite thing about back to school? Being “scheduled” now with everything the kids have to do!

  107. Colleen Schindler says

    My least favorite thing about back to school is waking up so early!

  108. adjusting to a new teacher and classmates

  109. Homework

  110. Barbara Tryon says

    The expensive cost of school clothes and suplies.

  111. The best part of back to school is all the discounts on pens, notebooks, and other office supplies for those of us who DON’T have kids but want cheap supplies.

  112. Monica Young says

    I don’t like that I get less time to spend with my kiddos

  113. My least favorite thing about back to school shopping is all the school supplies that we have to get for the kids. I know there are good sales, but each year there are more and more things on the list!!

  114. My least favorite thing is early mornings, none of us are morning people.

  115. Rebecca Parsons says

    My least favorite thing has to be buying all of the shoes that they need.

  116. Jennifer Speed says

    Least favorite is having to shop when everyone else is shopping

  117. My least favorite thing about BTS is when the teacher gives you a list of items they want for their class After school has started. Then you have to try finding it after all the stores are sold out.

  118. waking up early is the worst

  119. Shannon Miranda says

    My last favorite thing about back to school is the clothes shopping. I have 3 children that I have to shop for so it can get tiring and expensive.

  120. Shopping for it!

  121. Having to start waking up early

  122. getting up early

  123. definitely waking up early even though i am a morning person, i don’t always like thinking that i have to get up! 🙂

  124. laurie nykaza says

    I follow your pin but it would not paste it on here. g+ would not paste either I follow both under laurie nykaza

  125. Waking up earlier

  126. Definitely waking up early

  127. Fekete Zoltán says

    Mine is the early waking up. It’s hard to concentrate when you are tired.

    Fekete Zoltán
    arkan188 at hotmail dot com

  128. I would have to say the getting up early

  129. THE TRAFFIC!!! How are there so many more cars on the road?

  130. My least favorite thing about back to school is that it means that summer is over! 🙁

  131. It marks the end of summer.

  132. Waking up early is definitely the worst !

  133. Michael Harris says

    My fave thing is the sales! CRAZZZYYYYYY!

  134. Waking up and having to Get up and go -instead of just taking our time in the morning… The worst

  135. Definitely the waking up early

  136. Waking kids up early, they are like zombies.

  137. April Willard says

    Oh MY Goodness the WORST part of school is defiantly the waking up early and Having to bug your kids constantly about getting their school work done!!!

  138. abedabun dawn says

    Buying school clothes. I hate it! LOL!

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