I Finished My 1st #Fitness #Challenge #SquatChallenge

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It is official, I finished my first fitness challenge yesterday! I actually found this squat challenge on Facebook last month, and decided to give it a shot.


I did not take any pictures or measurements. However, I enlisted Spencer into doing the challenge with me, and we both had different results. He definitely lost weight, and is down at least 1 size. I lost 3 pounds, but my pants size is the same. I did firm up a lot, but for me I did not slim down I bulked up. Either way I am better than I was a month ago. It was not EASY at all and the last 3 days I had a lot of pain in my hip and my knee, but I pushed through to finish. We are now onto another challenge the Plank Challenge.

Plank Challenge

We just completed day 7 today.  I am hoping I will be able to finish this challenge, but my core is not very strong thanks to my last 2 surgeries. I will keep you posted on the progress. Have you tried any fitness challenges? Do you like them or hate them?


  1. Pam Allen says:

    That is so inspiring you are doing this challenge…me, well squats will kill me. Keep it up and I hope to read more about your fitness challenge and the results!

    • Thanks Pam! Squats are pretty hard but the challenge is a great way to gradually increase them. I always break them up in sets of 25 or something. My son always did them all at once but that was more than I could handle at one time.

  2. I LOVE the squat challenge. I don’t always love doing it, but Health and Fitness are so important! I remember when I was first beginning my recovery from a bad motorcycle accident. I thought for sure squats would be the death of me!

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