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Featured in the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide.

I can’t believe it is December already! It is really time to get in gear for the upcoming holidays. My family and I do plan on entertaining this holiday season and with everything that has gone on in my busy life recently I am really pressed for time. Prepping, preparing and clean-up take a lot of valuable time, which I simply don’t have enough of. This holiday season my family and I are incorporating the T-fal Clipso pressure cooker and Zabada Kitchen Handy for quick, delicious meals and clean up.

Clipso cooker 482x482
The T-fal Clipso pressure cooker is stainless steel, 6.3 QT. that allows you to cook a fantastic meal quickly and safely. It also very simple to use because it has a one-hand system that allows you to open and close the lid using one hand, as well as, a steam release valve for added safety. The stainless steel construction is durable and offers even heat distribution. It is also dishwasher safe. The Clipso comes complete with a stand, steam basket and recipe booklet. The recipe booklet is actually very impressive, it has over 40 recipes with photos. I have always been a little afraid of cooking with pressure cookers but the Clipso is easy and safe to use. I love the fact that is has a one-hand system, it really makes handling it a breeze. If you haven’t used a pressure cooker before this is the one for you, it makes delicious meals in a fraction of the time.


Additionally, paired with the Zabada Kitchen Handy cleanup is painless. The Zabada is a unique product that offers effective cleaning technology. It is ideal to use on the Clipso, cooktops, baking trays, pots and pans, as well as, an effective spot cleaner. The best part about the Zabada is it uses only water to clean. It also removes grease, baked on grim and 99.9% of bacteria! It also lasts 2 to 3 years which saves money and reduces wastes. It eliminates the need to buy chemical cleaning products. It is also machine washable, which I really appreciate.

If you would like to learn more about the T-fal Clipso visit the website. You can also purchase at Macy’s.com. The Zabada Kitchen Handy is available to purchase at www.zabadaclean.com.

You can also enter to win an incredible prize package to save time on making delicious meals and clean up right here. One lucky winner will receive a T-fal Clipso and a Zabada Kitchen Handy!

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  1. Barbara Adams says

    Mis en place to reduce time in front of a hot oven/stove. A pressure cooker would also decrease that time

  2. I use the oven to save time and the Crok Pot , Thank you!

  3. Marilyn Nawara says

    I do what I can ahead of time which cuts down on the actual prep time when you are in a hurry

  4. sometimes I get the frozen onions and peppers or sauces in a jar to cut down on time

  5. Cassandra Mcavey says

    Crockpot,defrost things,have the kids help out..they enjoy that too

  6. Deb Jackson says

    I thaw the meat, sometimes crockpot and always prep ahead.

  7. I have all sorts of ingredients like butter with chopped parsley and garlic, or lemon juice, or coconut cream, or fresh ginger grated, or tomato paste; all frozen into little cubes so I can just toss ’em in when I need them

  8. I have all sorts of ingredients like butter with chopped parsley and garlic, or lemon juice, or coconut cream, or fresh ginger grated, or tomato paste; all frozen into little cubes so I can just toss ’em in when I need them

  9. I make a bunch and then freeze leftovers.

  10. I do prep work ahead of time, like chopping vegetables or measuring out my herbs & spices.

  11. I prep the night before

  12. James Robert says

    The crock pot has been my life saver and the meals are so tender and good

  13. I do prep hours ahead

  14. I clean the dishes as i go 🙂

  15. pre-freeze or have pre-made meals to just heat

  16. I prepare freezer meals for several weeks then take what I want out of the freezer and put in the slow cooker. In the long run, this saves me so much time.

  17. I plan ahead by using weekends to do meal prep. I cut veggies as soon as I get home from the grocery store so I am not cutting them while I am making the meal.

  18. angela saver says

    I plan ahead & cut up vegetables on the weekend, shred cheese & anything I can do to prep ahead to make meals easier when I prepare them.

    [email protected]

  19. sherri crawford says

    i do all my prep beforehand

  20. Dawn Monroe says

    I try to prep ahead of time and clean as I go.

  21. I try to cut uo fresh veggies ahead of time and keep them in a baggie until I am ready to cook.

  22. Virginia Rowell says

    I make my husband cook! No not really, but he does help sometimes. I use the crock pot a lot and I do a lot of casseroles that I can just whip up and throw in the oven.

  23. tracey johnson says

    i put everything in my slower cooker pot the night before. In the morning I take out of the frig and pop it into the holder and turn it on. Love it.

  24. I use my crock pot to reduce the time it takes to prepare a delicious meal. If I’m at work I just write notes and set multiple timers to remind my husband when to turn the crock pot off 🙂

  25. Heather Dawn says

    I prep my food ahead of time or I use my slow cooker!

  26. I save time by using my slow cooker and preparing dishes in advance

  27. I defrost food hrs ahead and by useing a slow cooker sometimes. I love grilling though

  28. Leigh Anne Borders says

    I prepare what I can ahead of time and add it to the freezer.

  29. I use my crock pot for some things and I buy rotesserie chickens for others.

  30. Donna Cheatle says

    I save time by using my crock pot! Just throw everything in after breakfast and walk away until supper time!

  31. I do a lot of meals in the slow cooker and also try to make double batches for left overs

  32. Robin Wilson says

    The main things I do to save time is to prep as much as I can before hand, clean up as I go and whenever possible I make enough to freeze for another meal or try to use the leftovers in another recipe.

  33. I cook a soup-based meal. 🙂

  34. Laurie Nykaza says

    I try and do the chopping and prep ahead of time.

  35. Jennifer Hiles says

    I’ve found that thawing the meat a couple days before saves a lot of time. I also try to find good crock pot recipes. And I always try to clean up as I’m cooking so I don’t have a terrible mess afterwards.

  36. Robin Abrams says

    I prep meals for the week ahead of time.

  37. Jennifer Pittman says

    I like to use a rice cooker and a crockpot.

  38. I try to save time preparing meals by chopping and freezing thins like peppers, onions, celery and tomatoes ahead of time and put them into the freezer. On week nights while cooking, I just grab what I need of the pre chopped veggies on go on about my way with no slow down.

  39. i try to lay it out so it wont be frozen

  40. I plan ahead and freeze extra meals. Homemade frozen dinners.

  41. I try to have some components done ahead of time. I almost always have some homemade frozen meatballs, homemade stock and chopped onions on hand.

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