Fashion Angels DIY Craft Kits Giveaway

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Fashion Angels DIY craft kits for gift ideas for children eight years old and up.

If you are looking for creative gifts for children ages eight and up Fashion Angels has wonderful assortment of DIY craft kits. I am a creative person so I am always looking for gift ideas that enhance, inspire, and embrace creativity. I love the craft kits from fashion Angels because they are creative gifts that are affordable and fun. I am thrilled to host a Fashion Angel craft kits giveaway with you! Here are some terrific gift ideas from Fashion Angels, they are also the items that will be included in the giveaway.

Fashion Angels Upcycling Plastic Bag Kit

Upcycling Plastic Bag Kit: this craft kit is a repurposing kit for 10 projects such as; purse, earrings, necklace, bracelet, decorations and more. This kit takes your garbage into glam; you supply the bags and the kit provides inspiration ideas, thread, hearing hoops, headband materials, bracelets and more. The kit also offers ideas for a variety of bags to use such as grocery bags, store bags, sandwich bags, chip bag and more. It is a great way to add a variety of color to the projects. It is also eco-friendly way to repurpose β€œtrash”. The kit is recommended for ages eight years and up and is an affordable gift idea with a SRP of $16.99.

Fashion Angels Watercolor Portfolio Kit

Watercolor Portfolio Kit: the kit includes 10 watercolor posters, 10 watercolors, instructions, and a watercolor brush. I love this kit because the illustrations are lovely and offer a terrific variety of subjects including girls, accessories, and more. The pages also feature beautiful silver accents that add dimension and shimmer to the posters. The Watercolor Portfolio Kit is beautiful and allows for inspiring, enhancing, and embracing creativity with simple watercolor painting. The kit is recommended for ages eight and up and is very affordable with an SRP $10.99.

Fashion Angels Head Case Kitten Kit

Head Case Kitten Kit: is a 3-D wall art kit that features Ruby the kitten. The kit includes six puzzle boards, one puffy sticker sheet, 24 decorative gems, one fabric flower, one charm, lace and instructions. It creates an adorable wall hanging ideal for a wall hanging. The kit is recommended for ages eight and up with an SRP of $9.99.

Fashion Angels Pixel Loom Kit

Pixel Loom Kit: includes beating loom, six yards of cord, two skeins of floss, 1000 beads,2 spiral beads, tweezers, thimble, needle, clear to read, design sheet and instructions. This delightful kit makes creating woven beaded bracelets a breeze. Use the design sheet to create recommended designs or create your own designs. This kit is recommended for ages eight and up with the SRP of $16.99.

The Fashion Angels DIY craft kits are a fun and creative gift recommended for ages eight and up. This holiday season give the gift of creativity and inspiration with the Fashion Angel DIY craft kits. To learn more about the DIY craft kits visit the website.

You can also enter to win a Fashion Angels prize pack.

The prize pack includes:

  • Upcycling Plastic Bag Kit SRP $16.99
  • Watercolor Portfolio Kit SRP $10.99
  • Head Case Kitten Kit SRP $9.99
  • Pixel Loom Kit SRP $16.99

Prize package value SRP $54.96.


My So Called Balanced Life is not responsible for prize fulfillment or shipment.


  1. My daughter would love the pixel loom she makes pixel art in minecraft all the time

  2. Julie Lundstrom says

    My daughters and nieces would love these craft kits. They would enjoy the pixel loom kit the best.

  3. gloria parkin says

    my grand daughter would love these!

  4. I think my daughter would love the Upcycling Plastic Bags Kit.

  5. Head Case Kitten Kit would be so fun to make with my 5 yr. old granddaughter!

  6. Heather Shaw says

    This is wonderful and I know a sweet girl who would be thankful to receive such a gift. Happy Holidays Everyone!

  7. I like the friendship bracelet kit.

  8. Johnnie McKenzie says

    Pixel Loom Kit

  9. I think my daughter would love the Pixel loom Kit!

  10. Donna Lampkin says

    My granddaughter LOVES crafts. Every birthday and Christmas, that is her wish. I keep running out of ideas. Would love to win for her.

  11. Jillian Warner says

    the pixel loom

  12. Natalie Brown says

    My favorite is the Watercolor Portfolio Kit. So much fun!! Although, the plastic bag recycling project is super cool too. πŸ™‚

  13. Watercolor porfolio kit would be nice…

  14. I like the Watercolor Portfolio Kit

  15. Jeanna Massman says

    I think my niece would love the Pixie Loom.

  16. the pixel loom my little niece would love this

  17. Jennifer Rote says

    I like the Pixel Loom Kit the most.

  18. the pixel loom would be our favorite

  19. My daughter enjoys doing crafts. There are so many that she would enjoy. I think I would pick the Braidzilla braiding kit.

  20. I would love to try the Pixel Loom Kit. I have so many beads.

  21. Lisa Williams says

    The first kit my daughter would want to try first is the Water Color Portfolio Kit,she loves anything drawing,painting,coloring so this would be the one she would try,she’s very craftsy so I know she would love to try the others kits too.

  22. I like the Upcycling Plastic Bag kit.

  23. Jennifer Reed says

    I think my daughter would really enjoy the Pixel Loom Kit.

  24. Candace Galan-Calderon says

    The Upcycling Plastic Bag Kit, that is so cool!

  25. I’m most interested in the Pixel Loom Kit

  26. I would love the upcycling plastic bag kit. I have seen pocketbooks made out of them before and they are beautiful

  27. My granddaughter is very creative and would definitely enjoy the Pixel Loom Kit!

  28. The Upcycling Kit looks really neat!

  29. Susan Hartman says

    I would love the watercolor kit. As an adult I love to paint. Maybe I could share that love with my granddaughter.

  30. Nicole Lancaster says

    I am most interested in the Head Case Kitten Kit . I think my daughter would love it.

  31. I think my Granddaughter would enjoy the Pixel Loom Kit:the best πŸ™‚

  32. mrsmchappell says

    The Watercolor Portfolio Kit looks awesome!

  33. The friendship bracelet kit, thanks for the chance

  34. My daughter would love the pixel loom kit because she could make and share with her friends.

  35. I think the water color portfolio would be a big hit with my granddaughters.

  36. I like the watercolor portfolio the best. I think it would be super fun for the girls!

  37. I am most interested in the Pixel Loom Kit for my daughter.

  38. I like the Upcycling Plastic Bag Kit.

  39. Julie Bickham says

    I like the Watercolor Portfolio Kit. My daughter would love something like that.

  40. Upcycling Plastic Bag Kit

  41. They all look great, but I think my niece would go for the Watercolor kit first.

  42. I am most interested in the Upcycling Plastic Bag Kit.

  43. The Pixel Loom Kit sounds like fun for me and my grandkids.

  44. the Upcycling one, although the Watercolor looks amazing too

  45. Pixel Loom Kit

  46. The friendship bracelet kit.

  47. Upcycling Plastic Bag Kit: looks fun

  48. Sarah Pickering says

    My daughter would like the watercolor kit or the fox wall art.

  49. They’re all great, but I think my daughters would love the Watercolor Portfolio Kit the most! It’s something they could both do together!

  50. Michelle Small says

    The Upcycling plastic bag kit looks so cool and like it would be a lot of fun.

  51. My daughter would like Head Case Kitten Kit

  52. I like the pixel loom kit.

  53. barb macaskill says

    I am most interested in the Watercolor Portfolio kit so I can share my love of watercolor with my granddaughter and grandniece!

  54. I’m interested in the Upcycling Plastic Bag Kit. πŸ™‚

  55. Upcycling Bag kit

  56. I am most interested in the Pixel Loom Kit!

    [email protected]

  57. We like the Upcycling Plastic Bag Kit

  58. natasha lamoreux says

    I like the pixel loom kit but they all look great.

  59. The Pixel Loom Kit would be my choice.

  60. jeanette sheets says

    pixel loom kit

  61. Oh they are all so neat, but I have to say the Watercolor Portfolio Kit!

  62. The watercolor kit looks the most fun to me.

  63. Upcycling Plastic Bag Kit interests me most

  64. I like the pixel loom kit!

  65. I like the pixel loom.

  66. Amelia Joubert says

    the upcycling kit

  67. i am interested in the head case kitten kit

  68. I like to watercolor and so does my grand-daughter so we would pick the watercolor kit.

  69. I’m most interested in the Watercolor Portfolio Kit. Thanks.

  70. Brittany chadwick says

    I’m most interested in the watercolor portfolio kit!

  71. I like the Head Case Kitten Kit.

  72. I like the Head Case Kitten Kit also.

  73. I especially like the Watercolor Portfolio Kit.

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