Who are you like #CHALLENGETOWRITE Day 28

Between your mom and dad, who are you more alike? This is another question that doesn't really fit me. I am not like either of my parents. … [Read more...]

Blogger Opp!

Free Blogger Event!Prize: Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR Camera with Lens Kit Event Dates: June 5 - June 30 Free link for posting and promoting the giveaway Bloggers Sign Up Here! … [Read more...]

Tongue-Tied Tuesday

Did you happen to catch the moon this weekend? I took this on Friday night. It was spectacular! … [Read more...]

Keep Calm Candle Giveaway Event #2 (6/18)

Welcome to the Keep Calm Candles Giveaway Event Hosted by Budget Earth & A Spectacled Owl Co-Hosted by Monica's Rants Raves Reviews  Do you enjoy treating yourself to a nice smelling candle? How about candles that not only smell great … [Read more...]

Spencer’s Corner~The Unwanteds Book Review

My son Spencer is going to be doing some featured posts.They will be under the tab Spencer's Corner. He is writing the reviews and posts,  the opinions are all his. I hope you enjoy them. Here is his very first Young Adult Book … [Read more...]

Rock and a Hard Place #CHALLENGETOWRITE Day 27

 Have you ever been between a rock and a hard place? How did you get out?Who hasn't been between a rock and a hard place? It seems life is full of these scenarios. Although these situations are difficult, I think that they are necessary … [Read more...]

Happy Memorial Day

 Happy Memorial Day! Please take a moment out of your day to honor and remember the men and women who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. I light a candle to honor and remember the fallen. Do you do something special … [Read more...]

Imaginary Friend #CHALLENGETOWRITE Day 26

Did you have an imaginary friend as a kid?I don't know why some of these questions just stump me. I guess it is because I honestly don't remember the answers. I honestly don't know if I had an imaginary friend when I was younger. I guess too much … [Read more...]

Jumping for Joy #CHALLENGETOWRITE Day 25

What makes you jump for joy?Ahh this will be a fun question! I jump for joy for a lot of things. I am a pretty animated person, so I am always doing something funny or goofy. I have to tell you I don't literally  jump for joy but, I hoot, holler, … [Read more...]

Recap of The Blog Workshop 2013 #TBWC13

As you may remember, I had an excellent opportunity to attend The Blog Workshop May 17,18 and 19. The workshop was a 3 day conference that covered the ins and outs of blogging. I loved having the ability to attend a blog conference without leaving my … [Read more...]