Spencer’s Corner ~ Update Day 7 #BookTubeAThon 2014

  All good things have to come to an end. Today was the final day of BookTubeAThon. I finished up two different books today and I am just starting another. I read “The Dangerous Days of Daniel X” and “The Floating Boy and the Girl Who Couldn’t Fly”. I am starting to read … [Read more...]

Spencer’s Corner ~ Update Day 6 #BookTubeAThon 2014

Today is day 6 of BookTubeAThon, tomorrow is the final day. I am looking forward to seeing how everyone’s progress in this challenge went. I loved doing this challenge and I can’t wait to do more of these challenges. I finished reading “The Graveyard Book” tonight and I did enjoy … [Read more...]

Spencer’s Corner ~ Update Day 5 #BookTubeAThon 2014

  I am a little behind in writing this today. I was trying to finish “Where She Went," so I completely forgot to write what I did yesterday. I finished “Where She Went” last night and it was superb, not as good as the first book, but I still liked it. I also read “A … [Read more...]

Spencer’s Corner ~ Update Day 4 #BookTubeAThon 2014

  It is Day 4 and I love what I read this morning. I started If I Stay last night after finishing Sisters Red and I loved this book. I am started the second book today, but I was sidetracked by reading a few graphic novels. I read “Flight Volume One," “Flight Explorers … [Read more...]

Spencer’s Corner ~ Update Day 3 #BookTubeAThon 2014

So I haven’t read a whole lot today. My mother and I had to run some errands so I didn’t get a lot of reading done.I am sure I am not the only one who struggles to read when they have to run errands. I did read about 200 pages of Sisters Red, which I like, but at the same time it … [Read more...]