What did you learn about yourself during the last month while doing the #ChallengeToWrite? I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed this challenge. I would say one thing I learned about the challenge would be balancing the information I put "out" … [Read more...]

Luckiest thing #CHALLENGETOWRITE Day 29

  What was the luckiest thing to ever happen to you and why? I would say I have had a lot of luck in my life. I honestly don't think I can choose just one thing. I am not lucky when it comes to winning money or anything like that. However, … [Read more...]

Who are you like #CHALLENGETOWRITE Day 28

Between your mom and dad, who are you more alike? This is another question that doesn't really fit me. I am not like either of my parents. … [Read more...]

Rock and a Hard Place #CHALLENGETOWRITE Day 27

  Have you ever been between a rock and a hard place? How did you get out? Who hasn't been between a rock and a hard place? It seems life is full of these scenarios. Although these situations are difficult, I think that they are necessary … [Read more...]

Imaginary Friend #CHALLENGETOWRITE Day 26

Did you have an imaginary friend as a kid? I don't know why some of these questions just stump me. I guess it is because I honestly don't remember the answers. I honestly don't know if I had an imaginary friend when I was younger. I guess too much … [Read more...]

Jumping for Joy #CHALLENGETOWRITE Day 25

What makes you jump for joy? Ahh this will be a fun question! I jump for joy for a lot of things. I am a pretty animated person, so I am always doing something funny or goofy. I have to tell you I don't literally¬† jump for joy but, I hoot, holler, … [Read more...]


What is your favorite quote and why? I have several favorite quotes so this is another difficult challenge. Here are several that I love. The reason that I love them is because they are empowering quotes. The last one is extremely fitting … [Read more...]

Biggest Regret #CHALLENGETOWRITE Day 18

One thing in your life that you most regret and why? I try hard not to regret decisions I have made in my life because I don't think that serves me in any way. However, there are places or events that I had a chance to go to and didn't for one … [Read more...]

Actress to be me #CHALLENGETOWRITE Day 17

If they made a movie about your life, who would you want to play you? And why? If there was a movie about my life, I would like Sandra Bullock to play me. It is a tough decision because I can't think of anyone that could play me, but I think she … [Read more...]

What Age #CHALLENGETOWRITE Day 16 (15)

Sorry I messed up the writing prompts for day 15 and 16...Oops. ¬† If you could be any age again for a week, which would you choose? Ok this is another extremely difficult question. I haven't had a exceptionally happy life so coming up with … [Read more...]