Mechanix Women’s Leather Palm Gloves Giveaway

Featured in the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. If you need a gift for the DIY type of woman, I have the perfect gift for you. Mechanix Wear Women's Leather Palm Gloves. If you didn't already know my husband and I do a lot of DIY projects together. We … [Read more...]

DIY Halloween Wine Bottle Lights

DIY Halloween Wine Bottle Lights for a cool decoration made out of wine bottles. I know I am posting a little late, but I wanted to share this fun project with you. It is a great way to repurpose your wine bottles. My friend and I made DIY … [Read more...]

DIY Elastic Hair Ties #DIY #HairTies

DIY Elastic Hair Ties for a quick and inexpensive alternative to the pricey hair ties you buy in boutiques.   Today I thought I would share a craft with you instead of a recipe for Tasty Tuesday. I am sure by now you have seen the … [Read more...]

DIY Crochet Hair Scrunchie

DIY Crochet Hair Scrunchie for a frilly, lacy accessory for the hair.  My little granddaughter loves to have fancy things for her hair. I came across this crochet pattern for a hair scrunchie and knew she would love to have them. I have made … [Read more...]

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Oriental Trading

My favorite place to buy party supplies, craft projects and seasonal items is Oriental Trading. They always have the biggest, most affordable products for every occasion including Valentine's Day. I had the pleasure of receiving some items from … [Read more...]

#DIY #Valentine’s Day Mesh Wreath

DIY Valentine's Day Mesh Wreath decoration for your home.   Spencer and I were out shopping for craft supplies, and I stumbled upon mesh ribbon. I am sure you have probably seen the gorgeous wreaths made out of it by now they are absolutely … [Read more...]

#DIY Easy Hand-Chain #Boa #Scarf

If you like easy DIY projects, you are going to love this one. You can make a boa scarf within minutes! Yes, you read that right MINUTES! The best part about this project is, it is so simple almost anyone can do it. Spencer has actually made a few of … [Read more...]

#DIY #Windchime Project

This is a great DIY Windchime project you can make using old things you have around the house. You can make this DIY windchime project with things you have in your home that can be recycled. I got this idea from my sister-in-law Lisa. While we … [Read more...]

How To Make A Cork Wreath

I love making homemade crafts, but it is even better when I can repurpose or recycle items. Since it is the Holidays, I wanted to create a new wreath for our home but I also wanted to use our vintage wine corks. I had started out wanting a holiday … [Read more...]