Where would you live? #RockYourBlog July 9

If you could live in any country in the world {besides where you live now}, where would you choose? I am sure I have talked about this before on my blog, but I would live in Rome Italy. It is actually my favorite place in the world (at least that I have visited). It is so … [Read more...]

Favorite Amusement Park Ride #RockYourBlog Day 2

Favorite Amusement Park Ride or attraction My favorite amusement park ride is the Silver Star roller coaster at Europa Park in Rust Germany. The Silver Star has a G force of 4 is 239 feet tall and goes about 80 miles an hour! It is unquestionably a rush when you are on the … [Read more...]

Biggest Regret #CHALLENGETOWRITE Day 18

One thing in your life that you most regret and why? I try hard not to regret decisions I have made in my life because I don't think that serves me in any way. However, there are places or events that I had a chance to go to and didn't for one reason or another. One of those … [Read more...]


5/11 Which of the four seasons best suits your personality? I don't know if the season suits my personality but my favorite season is fall. I love the changing colors, the briskness in the air and the scents of fruit and spice. I love the sound of the crunchy leaves when I … [Read more...]