Advil® At Work “Sickest Day Ever” Sweepstakes and Giveaway #sickestdayever #AdvilatWork #ad

The Advil® Sinus Congestion & Pain product, information and gift have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.” Please consult the FTC Endorsement and Testimonial Guides (available … [Read more...]

PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer Stay Healthy For The Holidays

Featured in the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. Stay healthy this holiday season by using PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer. It isn't just the holiday season it is also cold and flu season. Prevent and decrease your chances of getting ill by using Purell … [Read more...]

I Finished My 1st #Fitness #Challenge #SquatChallenge

It is official, I finished my first fitness challenge yesterday! I actually found this squat challenge on Facebook last month, and decided to give it a shot. I did not take any pictures or measurements. However, I enlisted Spencer into doing … [Read more...]

30 Days Of Healthy Habits With Skinnygirl #SkinnygirlHH

It is hard to believe it is March already, it seems this year has passed so quickly. 2014 has not started out the best for me it has been stressful, overwhelming, and quiet challenging. I am doing my best to keep it going and staying positive, but it … [Read more...]

Vitamints For A Healthy Holiday

As the holidays approach stress levels rise, and the immune system gets put to the test. This year instead of filling the stockings with candy fill them with minty Vitamints for a healthy holiday.  Vitamints is the anytime anywhere vitamin that you … [Read more...]

Karoun Dairies Products For A Lighter Holiday

Now that the holidays are in full swing, it is time to start thinking about meal and snack preparation. The holidays don't have to led to unhealthy eating. There are fantastic products that can add flavor with less fat, to your favorite holiday … [Read more...]

Pure Fruit & Nut Bar Review

If you are a regular reader you are aware that my husband is in the military;  you may also know that he is into health and fitness. He has a  busy schedule between physical training, meetings and field time. Many days he has to grab a quick snack on … [Read more...]

Bed Buddy Moist Heat Therma Therapy Review

A new line of products has recently been added to Carex Health Brands, one of the leading providers for in home health products. The new line of products is called Bed Buddy, and it features products such as a Comfort Wrap, Foot Warmers and a … [Read more...]

NeoCell Giveaway 8/27

Are you someone who loves to enter giveaways? If so, we think you will love this unique giveaway event. In the 30 Days of Giveaway Events, we will running a new giveaway each day, with prizes ranging from $50 – $400 in value! With something fun and … [Read more...]

MOVband Review

MOVband is an affordable fitness device that keeps track of your movement. The MOVband is an affordable fitness device that tracks not just your steps but your movement. It is a wrist-worn activity monitor that includes the MOVband Device, … [Read more...]