LAVISHY Boutique Affordable Fashion Accessories

LAVISHY Boutiques offers a wide array of affordable fashion accessories including wallets, purses, jewelry and more. I am always on the lookout for cute, affordable and practical pieces to add to my collections. I recently received 2 items from LAVISHY for evaluation purposes. I … [Read more...]

Tinseled Tokens Floating Glass Locket Necklace Giveaway 09/25

Sponsored by: Cool Stuff Quick Hosted by: What The Buzz Is All About Co-Hosted by: Barbara's Beat   The Tinseled Tokens Floating Glass Locket is a great way to give some personalization to your jewelry without spending a lot of money. Rachel from What The Buzz Is … [Read more...]

Moonglow Necklace Review and Giveaway 09/10

Moonglow Jewelry offers a variety  of unique jewelry that features the moon for men and women. I recently had the pleasure of receiving the Moonglow Classic Necklace with Black Swarovski for evaluation purposes. Moonglow is unique because you choose a date you would like … [Read more...]

Customized Jewelry from Gemvara

I am extremely particular about jewelry. I don't wear many pieces, but what I do wear I want to be unique and stunning. One thing I love and can never have too many of is rings. I wear rings every day. The rings that I wear are all special and have meaning behind them. I have … [Read more...]

Blue Steel Giveaway Event 6/11

What woman doesn’t like to receive jewelry just because? I know that I most definitely do! Especially when they’re the quality and prices of BuyBlueSteel Jewelry. You can read my review here about the ring that you’ll be entering to win! This ring is the Enchantment Ring by … [Read more...]