RecoveryMax Post–Workout Pain Reliever

RecoveryMax is a safe and efficient topical post-workout pain reliever. Since summer is right around the corner, many people are doing extra workouts to get their body beach ready. Adding or increasing your workouts can cause muscle soreness, and increased lactic acid … [Read more...]

Salonpas Pain Relieving Products Giveaway

Salonpas over-the-counter topical analgesic pain reliever products for a safe alternative for pain relief. Salonpas has recently released a new latex-free pain relieving patch. Salonpas has the only over-the-counter pain patch approved by the FDA. The new latex free Salonpas … [Read more...]

Salonpas Review and Sweepstakes 10/15

Welcome to the Salonpas Sweepstakes! Salonpas has a wide array of topical analgesic pain relief products including patches, spray, gel and cream. More people suffer from pain than with diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined according to the American Academy of Pain Medicine. … [Read more...]

Bed Buddy Moist Heat Therma Therapy Review

A new line of products has recently been added to Carex Health Brands, one of the leading providers for in home health products. The new line of products is called Bed Buddy, and it features products such as a Comfort Wrap, Foot Warmers and a Relaxation Mask. As you may already … [Read more...]

Thermal-Aid 100% Natural Heating and Cooling Pack

I can never have enough pain relieving items in my house. I suffer from chronic pain and use heat on a regular basis. I also had a major abdominal surgery a couple months ago and need to treat it with a cool pack. Additionally, my husband is extremely active and often needs a … [Read more...]