Have you ridden a subway or train? #RockYourBlog July 14

Have you ever ridden a subway or a train?                                                         I have actually ridden in both a subway and a train. I have ridden on subways in California and Massachusetts. However, when we lived in Europe my family, and I have ridden on both … [Read more...]

Where would you live? #RockYourBlog July 9

If you could live in any country in the world {besides where you live now}, where would you choose? I am sure I have talked about this before on my blog, but I would live in Rome Italy. It is actually my favorite place in the world (at least that I have visited). It is so … [Read more...]

Video Games #RockYourBlog July 8

Do you play video games? If so, what is your favorite?                     Yes,  I do play video games. My favorite videos games are Mario, Mario and Sonic at the Olympics and Dance Central. I also play games on my iPad. I play Candy Crush, Song Pop, Fruit Mania, Angry Birds and … [Read more...]

The Truth #RockYourBlog July 7

Today is Tell The Truth Day. So, tell us the truth about something. Ok so today's writing prompt is about the truth. I will be honest I am an extremely truthful person so telling the truth about something isn't hard for me at all. I know at times I am a bit of a handful, but … [Read more...]

World Kiss Day #RockYourBlog July 6

Today is World Kiss Day. Smooched anyone today? No I didn't smooch anyone today. I am certain I will be blowing a kiss today on Skype though. Did you smooch anyone today? … [Read more...]