Halloween Ghost S’mores Pops Recipe

These cute little ghosts will be the highlight for a Halloween party. As you already know, my favorite treat is s’mores. I don’t care what time of year it is that is my treat of choice. Since Halloween is right around the corner, I wanted to make a cute and easy s’mores treat … [Read more...]

Entenmanns Little Bites S’mores Review and Giveaway

Summer is here, and so are campfires and s’mores. If you are a loyal follower, you know that I LOVE s’mores. I literally cannot resist them or anything that combines those magical flavors. Unfortuneatly, not everyone has the ability to make s’mores at home. Luckily, Entenmann’s … [Read more...]

Favorite Comfort Food #CHALLENGETOWRITE Day 2

Tell me one of your favorite comfort foods is the writing prompt today for the #CHALLENGETOWRITE challenge. At first this was a tough question for me because I don't seek comfort in food. I watch what I eat and usually eat pretty healthy. I thought long and hard about this … [Read more...]