Wordless Wednesday~ Family Time

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Summer 2015 At SeaWorld Orlando

My family and I recently had the wonderful experience and opportunity to visit some family over the summer in Florida. While we were there, we visited Orlando and went to SeaWorld Orlando. It was an incredible time with my husband, son, and grandchildren. There was so much to do … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday~Family Vacation

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Wordless Wednesday~Snow On The Mountains

This was taken last week in Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado. There is still plenty of snow on top of the mountains, even in July. … [Read more...]

Save Money On Fuel With Shell’s Fuel Rewards Network #fuelrewards

This year we are driving to our vacation destination because our family size has grown. Of course with driving across the state of Colorado we will be spending a lot of money on gas. I am a frugal traveler and try to plan everything down to the dollar with expenses. It is … [Read more...]