Will someone please tell him who the eff I is?

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I had to title this from a line of ┬áNicki Minaj song….why do you ask? Well I listen to her on a daily basis; which is not always by my choosing. My 13 year old son Spencer loves her…and I hate to admit it but I sorta love her too. I started this blog for many reasons but the main reason I am doing this is so I can have a place to talk about nothing or something. My resolution this year is to live bolder and braver so in my opinion you have to be brave to put your “stuff” out there for people to read and critique. I prefer positive reinforcement verses critiquing my thoughts and ideas. I have a lot of interests and love many things which I will discuss on here from time to time. I also like to save money by couponing and I have acquired a love affair with freebies. Having said that I would like to just say I do have a stock pile but I am not a hoarder; I don’t buy things that I don’t use and I also don’t cheat the system (I hate the coupon cheaters). As for freebies I have gotten a chance to try many products that I would not have purchased prior to receiving a sample…I have found many things that I simply love now. I hope you enjoy my blog! Please feel free to comment and leave feedback! Love and light always! Melinda

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