Baby Shower Crafts

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Pacifier Cookie Favors
Shower Gel Shower Favors
Just some decorations on the gifts

Rubber Ducky Diaper Cake

Hugs and Kisses Jar with matching diaper cake

Advice Book

Me with the diaper cakes

My Niece with blanket #1 (yes it is a big one)

Blanket #2 a little smaller but still pretty big
I know I have been behind in many of my postings; as I mentioned before I had been busy preparing something special for someone special. Here is what has been going on. My niece is having her first baby next month and I have been busy making things for her baby shower. Her shower was last Saturday and was a big hit. Here are the things I made for her and the shower. I have only crocheted a couple of blankets before; I am by no means a pro at it but I managed to finish 2 blankets for her. Although my idea of a baby blanket is apparently toddler size (I can’t make small things apparently…lol). I made 2 diaper cakes, shower favors, advice book and decorated each gift with something creative. I used my Cricut machine for all the cut outs. I think they turned out great. I love the rubber ducks on the diaper cake! I made pacifier cookie favors for the shower too. I found those on disgnergirl007 website. I really wanted to share all of my little crafts with you. Let me know your thoughts! 


  1. These are too good and creative themes. It will add an exception to the baby shower program. The arrangement above is too loving. Hope you have enjoyed the program.
    Girl Diaper Cake

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