Libman Freedom Mop and Lobby Broom with Dust Pan Review

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Freedom Mop and Lobby Broom/Dust Pan

I hate cleaning; not just general cleaning but sweeping and mopping. I keep telling my husband “I don’t do floors” but that doesn’t quite fly; someone has to do it right? The reason I “don’t do floors” is because it is hard on my back, all the bending and twisting I just HATE it. Libman has a cure for my floor dilemma. It is the Lobby Broom and Dust Pan and the Libman Freedom mop. The broom and dust pan are awesome! The dust pan is a standing pan with a handle! I don’t have to bend down when I sweep anymore; the mop is just as good. I don’t have to bend and twist to mop. I just fill up the 18 oz detachable bottle with the cleaner of my choice; attach it back on the mop and pull the trigger. The mop sprays the cleaner on the floor and I just mop it right up! The mop has a microfiber cleaning pad that you can refill and reuse. Here is some information about the pad taken off their website:
Premium microfiber cleaning pad refill, enhanced with three scratch-free cleaning strips, can be removed and machine washed up to 50 times before it needs to be replaced.
These products really make doing the floor a synch and without the dreaded back ache. Be sure and check out their products on-line  they have a huge array of cleaning tools to assist you with your cleaning dilemma. 


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