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Since it is getting closer to Halloween I will be doing themed posts to fit the season. One of my BIG bucket list items is Transylvania. One day I would love to go to Transylvania for Halloween. My husband and I talked about going there for our anniversary later down the line. Since we met October 28 Halloween is even bigger for us. We are just big kids when it comes to the holiday. Do you have a BIG bucket list place you want to visit? If so where and why?


  1. I love it!! Transylvania would be super cool! My husband and i have been fortunate enough to travel to some great places before kids– but I would have to say Paris would be my bucket list destination!

  2. wow that’s great! well maybe for us, my husband and I would love to go to Disneyland with our daughter. We postponed going there in our LA trip last September because we want to bring her with us next time…


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