Tongue-Tied Tuesday Inspiration

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Welcome to Tongue-Tied Tuesday this week I thought I would share a little inspiration with you. No matter where you are in your life I think this is fitting. What inspires you?


  1. Love this quote. It reminds me of another saying, “Each time you are presented with a choice, you have the chance to make a good one.”

  2. Yes, that is definitely inspirational! I always try to walk my talk and so should everyone else–walking someone else’s talk does not work!!

  3. exactly. action speaks louder than words too.

  4. I try to walk my talk, sometimes it is easier said than done. I find myself too often telling my son “do as I say, not as I do”. Need to change that.

  5. Inspiring quote and it’s very true!

  6. It’s true. Sometimes it’s more talk than walk :/

  7. indeed what a very inspiring quotes..

  8. Liza Barnett says

    that is a very meaningful quotes and so inspirational, I always love to read stuff like this.

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