Cups Of Consciousness Meditation Review

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I have been on a journey of self discovery for over 20 years. I honestly do my best to take care of myself including my mind and soul. I have tried a variety of things to improve myself and improve my journey. One thing I have never been able to accomplish is meditation. I have tried several times and haven’t been able to master it. I have even tried different guided meditations without much success. I usually find the person speaking to be distracting or monotone which just makes me focus on the sound of their voice versus what they are saying.

I had an opportunity to experience a month of meditations from Aleya Dao called Cups of Consciousness. It is a excellent resource that sends daily meditations to your email every weekday. There is even an option to get it 3 times a week. I received a month of Cups of Consciousness for evaluation purposes. I will be honest, having tried unsuccessfully to mediate I was a little skeptical about actually being able to accomplish it. I was pleasantly surprised the first day. Aleya has an extremely soothing voice, and the music that is played is utterly exquisite.

The first few days I had to focus on what she was saying to keep my mind from wandering. After that, I fell into a routine, and it became much easier to accomplish. I can tell you I appreciate it so much I miss it on the weekends. It is how I start my day during the week, and I have noticed a subtle shift in my energy and mind set every day. I am actually extremely happy that I have found an effective and successful way to meditate.

The best part is they are small meditations 7 minutes approximately; just long enough to stay focused and receive the daily message. I have found the meditations provide clarity, comfort and control over myself and life. It is a phenomenal tool that is also affordable. The Daily Cups of Consciousness is $15 a month for 5 weekday meditations. I personally think this is an excellent price for an invaluable service.

Whether you are in a rut, searching for peace or would just want more balance in your life I think the Cups of Consciousness could be tremendously beneficial for you. If you are interested Aleya, also offers a free trial week that you can sign up for on the website. What do you have to lose? Give Cups of Consciousness a try.


  1. I need meditation in my life, too. My mind stays so busy!

  2. All it takes for me to meditate is to stare at a flickering candle–it is truly relaxing and once you get the hang of it you will LOVE the way it makes you feel

  3. I would love that, thank you for sharing. I am trying to live healthier and having that motivational e-mail would help.

  4. i would love to try that. i do yoga so this will be an awesome addition.

  5. Sounds interesting will have to check them out! Thanks for sharing!

  6. this is awesome! I might check this for my sister in law, she likes those things that would calm her

  7. Healy Harpster says

    I definitely need this kind of meditation. Thank’s for the review!

  8. It is essential to have some kind of meditation, however, I haven’t done that for a long time now.

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