Tongue-Tied Tuesday

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Did you happen to catch the moon this weekend? I took this on Friday night. It was spectacular!

Colorado Moon


  1. Great picture!

  2. Nicole A. says

    The moon always looks so bright in my backyard that sometimes I think someone is shining a big light or something.

  3. We were outside gazing at it but forgot to take a picture, bummer.

  4. wow that’a a gorgeous photo you took

  5. It was a sight to see

  6. Every time people I know start acting crazy, I know I get to enjoy a full moon. I love sitting out by the pool just staring at it.

    • Oh I would love to do that! I wish we had a pool but it isn’t very practical where we live. It is hot and dry but our water is restricted. It would cost a fortune to fill one of the pools that you set up in your yard.

  7. bonnie holt says

    That is cool anytime I try to take a moon pic it looks like a blob. Great picture. thanks for sharing

  8. Yes I should post mine to, it was Friday night I got mine it was bright and full!

  9. I have a better view for where my bed faces the window and from there i could see the moon clearly too…

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