Moonglow Necklace Review and Giveaway 09/10

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Moonglow Jewelry offers a variety  of unique jewelry that features the moon for men and women. I recently had the pleasure of receiving the Moonglow Classic Necklace with Black Swarovski for evaluation purposes.

Moonglow is unique because you choose a date you would like to acknowledge, for example, a birthday or anniversary. You use the moonphase calculator to find the exact moonphase during that special date. After you have chosen the date, choose the piece of jewelry you would like and order.  addtionally, the moon on the jewelry gently glows in the dark, offering a lovely reminder of your memorable moment.

For my necklace,  I chose my daughter’s birthrate which is September 4, 1986.  She was born under a New Moon phase. There was a card included with the necklace with the specific date I chose and a description of those born under the moon phase. It actually added a distinctive addition to my necklace. Here is the description on the card.

New Moon

The new moon is a sign of intuition and impulsive decisions. It represents an underlying sense of youthful enthusiasm, optimism and natural luck.

Those born under the influence of the new moon are sensitive and shy, faithful in love and relationships and passionate about music and the arts. They are seen as great listeners, helpful, cheerful and friendly.


I love the uniqueness of the necklace and the meaning behind it. I love being able to wear something that represents such a memorable time in my life. It is exceptionally attractive, but when it is dark it is absolutely stunning. The moon glows a mesmerizing green color. Moonglow offers a large selection of products that can be seen on the website. You can also enter to win a Moonglow necklace right here! Entering is easy just follow the Rafflecopter.
This giveaway is open to USA and Canada!

My So Called Balanced Life is not responsible for prize shipment or fulfillment.


  1. tonygreene113 @ 113tidbits says

    A nice simple looking necklace. Not my color but could definitely give it to one of my daughters as a gift.

  2. How lovely is that! I adore the idea odf it as well – I’ll have to check out if they ship over here 🙂 x

  3. It’s wonderful you had the opportunity to get such a great necklace. I can’t see the picture as I’m blind, but it sounds great.

  4. What a pretty necklace! I love the colors and design.

  5. A very pretty necklace! I really like it! My special date is for my son December 7, 1982.

  6. Missy Homemaker says

    What a beautiful necklace. Thank you for reviewing it and offering this giveaway.

  7. That looks so interesting! I am going to put in for the giveaway.

  8. What a beautiful necklace. I have always been a big fan of unique jewelry items like this one. After all, why would you want to wear something that everyone else was wearing?

  9. My date would have to be the day I got married 36 years ago. This is really beautiful. I love it!

  10. I love this necklace and I love the name. Moon Glow, how nice.

  11. Oh Wow! I just love this so much. It is so beautiful and such a great gift. I will definitely be entering the contest and hoping for some luck winning it.

  12. sarah clegg says

    sadly cant enter as from the uk but that necklace is lush!!

  13. leslie ross says

    My wedding date 07/18/2012

  14. 08-06-1996 I was 14 on that day & almost lost my life in a car accident….It’s a very special day because I was given a chance to appreciate life before I got too old to realize I needed to. I think about it every year & will always be thankful.

  15. our special date is March 20th 1982 that’s when my wife and I were married.

  16. gloria mckellar says

    My special date would have to be my daughter’s birth date which is 3-30-89.

  17. Daily Woman (Lacey) says

    My anniversary July 5th

  18. Melissa Hartley says

    I have 3 special dates: My sons who were born, 2/4/1985, 4/24/1992, & 1/28/1995 🙂
    Thank you, this necklace is gorgeous!

  19. 8/3/02 – Balsamic Phase – My wedding date.

  20. taylor russell says

    my special date is 5/14/2007 when I got married! thanks for the chance!

  21. My birthday 1/22/1985

  22. My special date is my birthday, which was yesterday!

  23. These necklaces are fantastic! How unique, and personal! I’d love for my daughter to have a piece one day – I also learned I was born during a new moon! So cool!

  24. Julia Potvin says

    My special date would have to be my wedding anniversary, 1/22/1977, because after all these many years I still love my husband and he is still my best friend! I have other special dates as well, the births of my daughters, my grandkids births, oh my lots of necklaces! 🙂

  25. So pretty! I hope I win.

  26. Megan Parsons says

    My date would be my anniversary 2/14/06 : )

  27. Gina Brickell says

    My special and favorite date is 5/18.. This is my son’s birthday and he is the love of my life!!!

  28. Jessica Cox says

    I would pick my wedding date 12/29/01

  29. Terri Herman says

    With two children it would be hard to pick one of their birthdates. So I guess I could go with our anniversary. This is such a neat idea! Lovely also!

  30. Lana Bradstream says

    My date wold be my anniversary.

  31. Paol Trenny says

    My special date is May 20, 2002 – my best friend b-day

  32. My birthday
    Thanks for the chance

  33. Brandi Dawn says

    03/29/2010 – my sobriety date 🙂

  34. My birthday.

  35. Kitty Iecvan says

    My special date is my birthday!

  36. My children are my world therefore everything about them mean so much to me including their birthdate. This jewelry looks lovely and the meaning behind this necklace is priceless. Thanks for sharing this giveaway, im joining hoping to win. Have a blessed sunday

  37. Dorothy Teel says

    I think I would give it to my daughter in law and perhaps put their wedding date on it.

  38. I would choose my son’ bd since he is the miracle the doctors said I would never have 3/27/12.

  39. I just subscribed and accidentally hit the follow networked blogs by mistake first. Please deduct that one. My special date would be my anniversary. Sorry about that!

  40. alena svetelska says

    i love the design and colors i would pick our wedding anniversary date 4/6/94

  41. Traci Washburn says

    Very cool- my son was born under the same phase!

  42. my anniversary <3 7/21/2001

  43. My special date is Jan 26, 1996. The day my beautiful baby boy was born.

  44. My special date is my birthday. I’ve had many beautiful memories on my birthdays over the years especially last year.

  45. I love Moonglow necklaces! They are so beautiful! My special date is going to be a future date – the date that I will FINALLY receive my college diploma. I will be graduating on May 15, 2014. 3 days after my 50th birthday. It will be a special time for me! 🙂

  46. I have a moonglow bracelet with my anniversary, my honey’s birthday and my birthday. I would love a necklace with 8/8/93…the day I first met my husband!

  47. Not sure… probably either my mom’s birthday or the date she died, or my dog’s “gotcha” day…

  48. Kimberly Spruell says

    My date is May 7, 2001.

  49. My special date is February 14 2012…when I met my current boyfriend,

  50. my special date would be Feb 14, 2005–my wedding date.

  51. My special date is Oct 26, 2002. My wedding date

  52. Very cool concept for jewelry! My special date would be my birthdate, 7/2/1970

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