Celebrating Fall at Build A Bear Workshop

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Fall is definitely in the air, Halloween is just over a month away. What activities do you participate in to celebrate the season? This is my favorite time of the year, so I celebrate the season every chance I get.  However, celebrating is more than just a party it is about making lasting memories, especially with children. My favorite place to celebrate with kids is Build A Bear Workshop (BABW). To say BABW is my favorite place is truly an understatement, I actually LOVE it.

I first discovered BABW when my family and I lived in Washington several years ago. My husband was on his first significant deployment, and our son was 6 years old. It was an extraordinarily difficult time for us. One day I decided I would take Spencer to BABW to get our minds off of the situation, I had no idea at that time that we would be creating a exceptionally significant memory. Honestly, it is more than an extraordinary memory it is the best memory we have during that time in his life. We actually still have our animals. I got a bear and dressed it in medical scrubs, and Spencer got a monkey with a karate gi. It is a memory we both cherish. We have since gone to BABW several times for different occasions.

Now (several years later) we are lucky to live in the same town as my grown daughter and her 3 children. This is our first Halloween with them, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Fall and Halloween than at Build A Bear Workshop! BABW recently released their Fall and Halloween line making it the perfect time to have a Fall party. We invited a couple of friends along with my daughter and her children to attend the party at BABW. I printed the invitations for the party on-line, you can also print memorable thank you cards for the party too. Unfortunately, the day we scheduled the party  we had another flash flood in town so the friends we invited were unable to attend.

Paired up with our partners

The party ended up being just the 6 of us, so we each just paired up with one of the kids for the BABW experience. When we arrived at BABW, we met Brittany, our party guide.


We got name tags and paired up with our young partners. Each couple went off to choose their perfect companion.

Choosing the perfect companion

This is what we chose:

My daughter got the Pizzazzy Bear and her oldest son got Paperback Puppy.

Spencer got the WWF Red Panda and my middle grandson got the German Sheppard.

I got the black cat and my granddaughter got Rainbow Dash. I also had to get one of the smallfrys Frightfully Fun Girl for Halloween.

After we picked out our animals we got to name them. The names would then be put on certificates for them.

Since this is our first Halloween together, I genuinely wanted something special in mine. I wanted to have a voice recording in my animal with the voices of my grandchildren. The boys were more than happy to accommodate my request. Here, they are making the voice recording.

We then went to an area to give our friends a heart. My little granddaughter didn’t want to record her voice, but she did fill the heart up with love for my animal.

Giving them a heart

After that we got to wake them up by whispering in their ears, then we did it louder and louder until we all were shouting “Wake up”!

Stuffing Station

Then we went to the stuffing station to get our animals all filled up. When we were at the stuffing station, each child got to step on the foot pedal to fill up their animal. While the boys were at the stuffing station, my granddaughter and I went on a scavenger hunt with Brittany until it was our turn to stuff our animals.

Time to clean them!

After we stuffed our animals, we took them to the cleaning station where each child got to clean their animal. Then it was time to pick out clothing and accessories.

Picking out clothes and accessories

We were all tremendously excited to go shopping for clothes and costumes. Since it is Fall BABW has a wide range of costumes and sport uniforms to choose from. Here is what we all picked for our animals.

My daughter got a Denver Bronco Uniform, and her oldest son  got a Thor costume for his puppy.

Spencer got a Hockey Uniform, and the middle grandson got a Batman costume.

I got the Sparkle Witch costume, and my granddaughter got a Pinkie Pie Cape, and of course I got the Purple Patch Dress for the Frightfully Fun Girl.  Or course shoes, bags and a passport were added accessories.

Time to get dressed

Then we all went to the dressing station were we dressed our animals.

All Dressed

We even got a couple of group photos of us together.

Group Photo

After that,  each or our animals was put in their own little box house that contained,  their certificate, coloring pages, stickers, and a web code for BEARVILLE.com.


As you can see we were all extremely happy with our new friends. Our experience at BABW was amazing, we all had a fantastic time. It was certainly a day of lasting memories that will be cherished forever. I can’t wait to take them there again. If you are looking for a way to celebrate Fall or Halloween I would certainly recommend having a Fall party at Build A Bear Workshop. It would be an excellent alternative to Trick or Treating out in the cold on Halloween. Build A Bear Workshop has a wide variety of items to choose from including, My Little Pony, Smurfs, One Direction Bear, Halloween and more. Finally, here is a video of the voice recording in my cat.

Thank you Build A Bear Workshop for another cherished memory!


  1. I love build-a-bear. One of my most cherished wedding fits is a teddy bear one of my students made me for my wedding. The experience is fun too!

  2. My 10 year old loved BABW and begged for a long time for a bear. I finally gave in and that poor thing has sat in it’s box for 3 years now.. LOL I might have to take it out and show it some love!

    • Oh wow…I have mine out and play the voice recording on it because I love it so much! Even my 15 year old son has his out. Is your child keeping it “safe” in the box? That is something I would have done when I was younger just to save it.

  3. I love their seasonal stuff!! My kids love going there when we visit our mall!!

  4. My 9 year old daughter has been begging for me to take her to Build A Bear., It’s been over a year since our last visit and she’s going through withdrawls! LOL!

  5. I love build a bear!! we will most like go there around Christmas.. everyone can get their yearly stuffed animals.

  6. I love Build a Bear! Great for special occasion presents!
    I have a BABW Bride & Groom that were given to me as a wedding present

  7. Looks like so much fun! I love the witch bear, I want one for myself!

  8. I’ve never been there before but I always thought it was a neat concept. Cool idea for a birthday party.

  9. OMGosh I have not been to build a bear for years – I really want to go to one now and grab some halloween bits 😀 x

  10. I’m addicted to build-a-bears. When I lived in NY it seemed like we went every week. I think we have over 200 bears a lot of the very old ones though. I haven’t done a crazy trip in a while since we moved here. The store isn’t too close by. We thrown parties and I love their parties. Madison got her very first bear monogrammed with her name from them as well. Really great company!

  11. I love the recorded voice idea, and Build-a-Bear is a great place to make memories, I agree!!

  12. I just love build a bear! It’s way cool how they incorporate more than just bears. You can go utter crazy in that place. Love the cat, it’s so cute!!

  13. I will definitely check out their fall collection. I just love build-a-bear! Looks like you guys had super fun family time together! Wish you (advance) happy time together! 🙂

  14. I have never done the build a bear thing. Now that I have young grandkids… I bet we will be building a bear soon.
    Fun, fun day you had with the kids!

  15. They have such cute items!

  16. Anywhere as long as you are with family is the best. This build a bear activity seems fun!

  17. Looks like you had a fabulous time and what a great post! I did build a bear a long time ago when my kids were young and they loved it. It looks like it really has evolved into something wonderful. I am hoping I will one day get to share this with grandchildren.

  18. This is definitely a fun place. Even my son loves it! He loves making his own bear come to life! I love all your beautiful pics!

  19. Never been to a babw before my son is almost old enough to get it, so will probably go in the next 6 months.

  20. We love Build A Bear. It is one of my kids favorite places. I love your animals.

  21. My seven year-old loved Build a Bear Workshop. We had his birthday there this year and he really had an unforgettable time.

  22. Oh my gosh that’s about the sweetest thing I ever read! How awesome! I’ve never been to build a bear, but it looks so cute for the kids!

  23. waaaah. how i wish that we have four seasons here. your pics are cool!

  24. my daughter has a tiger build a bear.

  25. I think Build A Bear is a fantastic place!

  26. I love Halloween too! It and Christmas are my faves and I decorate like crazy for both of them! I have never been to Build a Bear, but I love it and think it would be tons of fun. Maybe someday when I have grandkids 🙂

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