DIY Homemade Bird Feeder

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DIY Homemade Bird Feeder

I am so happy that it is almost Spring! The trees are finally starting to get some buds on them, and the birds and squirrels are slowly making an appearance at my house. I love to feed the visiting critters at my house because it makes my small backyard come alive. I have been making DIY homemade bird feeders to hang in the trees. The DIY bird feeders are inexpensive to make, and also up-cycle plastic soda bottles. Rather than spend $20 on a bird feeder I spent $3 to make my own.

DIY Homemade Bird Feeder
Here is what I used:
Plastic soda bottle (label removed, bottle rinsed and dried)
2 wooden spoons
Exacto Knife
Bird Seed
Drill a small hole in the lid of the bottle. Thread wire through the hole and twist to make a large loop for hanging. Decide where you would like the wooden spoons to be placed. I angled mine slightly so the bird seed would flow out onto the spoons. Carefully using the Exacto Knife cut the plastic bottle for the spoon head (I cut mine into an upside down T shape so the back of the spoon rests slightly in the bottle) make sure there is a large enough hole above the spoon head for seed to flow.

DIY Homemade Bird Feeder

Cut an X where you want the spoon handle (make sure that it is a tight fit) push the handle through. Do this for each spoon. Fill the bottle with bird seed, screw the cap on and hang. Viola a DIY homemade bird feeder!

DIY Homemade Bird Feeder

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  1. Nicole Dziedzic says

    What a easy and clever idea, so simple, and i love the wooden spoons part. Super cute!

  2. Can the birds balance well enough on your spoons? Can the squirrels get to it?

    • The spoons are tight in the bottle so they don’t move or spin. I haven’t caught my squirrels on it yet but they can probably get to it, that is why I used wire. My tricky little squirrels chewed one of my feeders down because it was hung with rope.

  3. Julie Wood says

    I need to make one of these for my birds! I like your idea and it did not cost a lot of money. Thanks for the great idea to help keep my birds fed.

  4. Emily Endrizzi says

    Cute idea! I love the wooden spoons.

  5. I love that you used spoons so they could land easier. What a great idea!

  6. This is a really great idea–I will have to make one with my son.

  7. shelly peterson says

    What a really neat idea! I love that it’s easy to make and doesn’t cost much.

  8. totally going to make one of these this weekend with my 9 year old daughter! she always wants to do crafts or just spend quality time together and this project would be perfect. and then me, her and her little sister *22 months old* can watch the birdies! thanks for the idea and post!

  9. Jennifer Shelton says

    My son would have so much fin making one of these!!!

  10. Richard Hicks says

    Very creative with the wooden spoons. I like it!

  11. Betsy Barnes says

    I love this, very easy. I may have to try and make this, not one for DIY or crafts, but looks easy! 🙂

  12. That is such a great idea for Spring and low cost too. I am going to make one for our backyard.

  13. This is so neat! We made a DIY bird feeder last year, but this one is so much better. Love it!

  14. I love that you used spoons. My daughter and I will enjoy making it this weekend

  15. That’s super creative with the spoons!

  16. Very cute idea! Love that it’s relatively inexpensive, too.

  17. I love this idea. I want to make one for off of our back deck this summer.

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