7 Creative Summer Home Design Ideas For Parents and Kids

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Image by MAZZALIARMADI.IT, used under Creative Commons license.

During the summer holidays it can be hard to keep the kids entertained, especially if you’re hoping to take advantage of the time at home to give the house a summer makeover. Why not get the kids involved by starting a room makeover project on their bedroom? Not only will your child be thrilled at being given some say in how their room looks, you will both enjoy spending quality time together on a shared project!

Move The Furniture

The easiest way to transform a space and give it a new lease of life is to move the furniture around. Include your child by drawing a simple diagram of the room with cut-outs of the furniture and work together to decide where the furniture could be moved to.

Brighten Up Those Walls!

Kids love to have a display space. Give them what they want by getting a large corkboard. Encourage your child to collect things that remind them of their summer holidays such as postcards and photos and pin them to the board.

Amazing Artwork

Create some homemade artwork for the walls, a fun project to do together is to create prints using everything from leaves to the base of a soda bottle (they look like flower prints!), put them in frames and the kids will enjoy showing off their creative skills to their friends.

Brighten Up The Bed

Buying new bedding is another easy way to easily transform a room. Talk with your kid about what colours and designs they like and look at catalogues together. If the mattress needs an upgrade, pick up a mattress buying guide (e.g from Tesco) and pick out a few suitable options in your price range before heading to the store. You don’t want to overwhelm your little one with choices when they get there!

Super Storage

Kids have stuff…lots of stuff….and it usually ends up all over the floor. We’re lucky that these days we can pick up fantastic storage options cheaply. Choose coloured baskets and fun stackable boxes with your kid, they can add a splash of colour to the bedroom and come with the added bonus of reduced clutter!

Revamp The Closet

Everyone has experienced the morning battle with their kid over what they are going to wear that day. Give their closet a revamp by making it easier for them to see and choose their clothes. Most closets are designed for adults and the clothing rail is far too high for children to reach. Add a second, lower bar and decide with your child which outfits are their favourites, you can then hang them on the lower rail so that they can quickly and easily decide on an outfit.

Let it Glow

Pick up some glow in the dark paint or stickers and create a fun display on the ceiling to admire in the dark. Your child will love turning off the lights at night-time to admire their glowing design!

Let the good times roll this summer with some exciting home design adventures!


  1. These are great ideas! I totally forgot I used to move my furniture around, and even to different rooms, I need to try some of these suggestions!

  2. shelly peterson says

    These are great ideas. I will have to move the furniture around it has been a while. Some glow in the dark paint would be fun.

  3. Emily Endrizzi says

    Cute ideas! I would love to do some of those things in our home!

  4. Love these ideas!

  5. Maryann D. says

    I love the idea of homemade artwork for the walls. I also like the different colors on the closet in the photos. So modern looking.

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