Halloween Ghost S’mores Pops Recipe

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These cute little ghosts will be the highlight for a Halloween party.

Halloween Ghost S’mores Pops Recipe
As you already know, my favorite treat is s’mores. I don’t care what time of year it is that is my treat of choice. Since Halloween is right around the corner, I wanted to make a cute and easy s’mores treat that is sure to be a hit at your Halloween party! Halloween Ghost S’mores Pops Recipe only requires a few ingredients and are super easy to make.

Halloween Ghost S’mores Pops
Here is what I used:
One package ghost Peeps
¼ package of milk chocolate chips
½ cup of graham cracker crumbs
Cake pop sticks
Parchment Paper

Halloween Ghost S’mores Pops
Directions: In a microwave safe dish melt chocolate in the microwave, for about 45 seconds, I use the melt chocolate setting. Stir to make sure it is melted completely. Insert sticks into the bottom of the ghost Peeps. I used plates for the graham cracker crumbs and the melted chocolate to make it easier to coat the back of the Peeps. Any flat dish will work for that step. Dip the back of the Peep into melted chocolate then dip in the graham cracker crumbs. Place on parchment paper to set. If you don’t have Peeps, then you can just use regular marshmallows and draw chocolate faces on them with a toothpick.

Halloween Ghost S’mores Pops

What is one of your favorite treats that you make around Halloween?


  1. rochelle haynes says

    This looks good like to try this

  2. What a cute and creative idea and the best part is it is quick and easy. Thanks for sharing with us at #AnythingGoes linkup and see you next week!

  3. sheila ressel says

    We do caramel apples at our home but I think we’ll be adding this to our list to make as well. They’re so darned cute!

  4. I wonder if Sweetworks has Halloween sprinkles. Wouldn’t that be cute on the chocolate side?

  5. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says

    Such a cute and easy Halloween treat! I think my family would love them! 🙂

  6. Patricia Delgado says

    This is such a fun and easy recipe that even my little ones could join in and help with.

  7. these look so cute and fun

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