My Favorite Things To Do In France

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I love the thought of traveling the world and seeing all those wonderful countries you hear about in movies and on TV. There are some that have been on my travel bucket list for years. One of these days I will get there. Maybe 2016 is my year for global adventures?

One of my favorite places is Europe. There are just so many countries and different cultures to see. And so many languages to get your head around! France, in particular, is the perfect vacation spot for me. I would love to be able to tour around the different regions, taking in the sights and sounds.

If you’re feeling quite active, then France is a really good European destination. There are mountainous regions that are great for climbing and hiking. You can even ski in the winter. Some of the ski resorts are gorgeous with log cabin accommodation and little ski villages to visit.

Of course, the best thing about France is the food and the wine. The Bordeaux wine region is amazing. You can tour the vineyards and see how the wine is produced. Then you can enjoy an afternoon of wine tasting! Bordeaux wine is beautiful with red meat dishes. It will go very well with most French menus!


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France is the home of the Chateau. These are old castles and country houses originally built for the aristocracy. These days, you can rent them for your whole vacation, or even have your wedding there. France is home to lots of gorgeous styles of accommodation. You can stay in a quaint country cottage or even a luxury villa. If you don’t like self-catering, you will find plenty of guest houses and hotels in each region too.

Traveling around France is a delight. There are some very good motorways. But if you are traveling by car, it’s worth taking the smaller, country lanes to really see some of the beautiful French landscapes. If you don’t like driving, then take the train. There are tickets that can be used freely throughout Europe. You can move on through Belgium, Germany, Spain, or anywhere else you like on the continent.

You can also cycle throughout France. There are lots of published cycle routes to choose from. Many follow old waterways and canals, so they are nice and quiet. And the scenery is incredible. See traditional ways of life as you travel through rural France.

Paris is the city of romance. A couple’s vacation here could be the most romantic thing you ever do. Visit the Eiffel Tower (and climb to the top if you’re brave), or maybe view some of the world’s greatest art in the galleries. The museums here are also excellent. But best of all, the atmosphere of Paris can’t be beaten for that romantic getaway.

France is one of my favorite places in the world. The culture and the cuisine make the place so appealing. Most restaurants use locally sourced, fresh ingredients so you know you are eating well. The best thing about this country is the variety of vacations you could have. Something different every time. Choose France for your vacation in 2016.


  1. I got to travel to France when I was stationed in Germany. Many nice places there.

    slehan at juno dot com

  2. I have never been but would love to go.

  3. I’d love to see the Bordeaux wine region – I never actually thought about the transportation – this is really good info!

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