Taking Care Of Your Body When Pregnant

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Since you’ve come to this page, the first thing we have to say is: relax. We know you’re probably worried about the health of the little sprog you’re carrying. The fact you’re actually mindful of this is a great sign that you’re going to do well as a caring mother. Now, let’s take the time to go through the different things we should consider when it comes to health during pregnancy. We’ll go through what dangers are lurking as well as what you can to make things better for your baby.

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Eat well

You’re eating for two, as the saying goes. So now you need to be considerate of what you eat. Of course, indulge in those cravings so long as they’re safe. Just make sure your diet sticks in line with what the baby needs. Find out more about what kind of pregnancy diets there are and decrease the odds of any complications for you as well as your child. Just make sure you’re taking your personal condition into account and get the go-ahead.

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Prenatal vitamins

No matter the diet, the chances are that you will fall short of some of the key nutrients you need for a health development. Vitamins are always the key when it comes to supplementing our diet. When you’re pregnant, however, you should be getting prenatal vitamins specifically. Calling them ‘prenatal’ isn’t a branding tactic to sell them exclusively to pregnant women for higher profits. They contain ingredients that others wouldn’t. Folic acid, which prevents abnormalities of the brain and spinal cord, is the main one. If your doctor hasn’t already prescribed you prenatal vitamins, consult them first.

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What to avoid

Just as important was what you consume is what you don’t. Firstly, you must cut out any reliance on tobacco, nicotine, alcohol and drugs. This is more difficult said than done, we know, but get the help you need by admitting your problems to your doctor. Now more than ever is it vital to avoid harmful substances. Your diet is just as important, of course. Avoid food like deli meat and soft cheeses that could spread bacteria that might be harmless to you but far from it when it comes to your unborn child.

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Avoid mercury

Mercury is well known as a dangerous substance and we’re likely to avoid it just about every day normally. However, there is one form that it comes in that a lot of us harmlessly expose ourselves to. That’s in dental amalgam. Whilst normally harmless, it can spread mercury to your children which is potentially very dangerous. Avoid any kind of mercury fillings when pregnant. If you’re planning on trying for a baby, you can also get safe mercury removal.


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Making the workplace a safe environment

If you’re still at work, make sure that the workplace is safe for your baby. Talk to your manager or employer and tell them your needs. Most will be more than willing to lower the strain on you and accommodate. Those that aren’t are just setting themselves up for a juicy, fat lawsuit later.

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