3 Fabulously Clever Gifts That All New Parents Will Appreciate

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So after month’s of waiting, the baby is finally here, and your friends or relatives can officially call themselves new parents. You understandably want to help them celebrate this exciting new phase in their lives. While gifts such as diapers and baby clothes will always be welcomed, there are some gifts that these new parents will appreciate far more. So instead of choosing something generic and obvious, why not try one of these clever new parent gift ideas instead.

Clever Gifts

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A Treat box

This will be a particularly fantastic gift for the Mother, who has spent nine months carefully looking after her body. Get a large box and fill it with all the things that the parents weren’t able to have during the pregnancy. It could include bottles of wine or beer, coffee beans, soft cheeses and cold cuts of meat. The couples can then spend a weekend divulging in all the things they’ve had to say no to. This gift will help the new parents remember all the incredible food and drink they have been missing. While also providing them with some food that’s easy to grab on the go. This is ideal when they may not have the time or energy to cook a sit-down meal.

The gift of a night off

Babies can take up a lot of time and energy and even though their parents love them dearly; they will occasionally need a break. So why not give these new parents the gift of a night off. You can babysit their bundle of joy while they go out and enjoy themselves. You could buy them tickets to a sporting event, reserve a table at a fancy restaurant or get them premier seats at a local cinema. Search for reliable nfr 2016 tickets or find out which films they might enjoy which will give them some quality alone time together. Even though it may only be for a few hours they can have some adult conversations and reconnect all while knowing that you are taking care of their baby.


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Netflix Subscription

Having a newborn will take up most of their time, but there will be occasions when they both want to sit back and enjoy a movie. So if they don’t already, why not treat them a subscription to Netflix. That way when they do have a spare hour or evening, they can catch up on all the latest movies and TV shows. This gift will keep them entertained while their baby is sleeping and keep the in touch which what all their friends and family might be watching. So even if they aren’t able to go out anywhere, they can still get involved with adult conversations. It’s also useful as they can stop or pause it whenever they like and come back to the film or TV series later on.

While most of their friends and family will by buying them gifts for their baby, your gift will be aimed purely at helping the new parents. Afterall having a baby is hard work. So give them a gift that lets them celebrate and enjoy themselves, and they will love you forever.


  1. Awesome ideas… all of which I wish I had after I had my child.

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