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March MoonBox Subscription Service full moon in Libra.

MoonBox Libra

This month the full moon is in Libra, which focuses on balance and letting go of what no longer serves you. I just received the latest MoonBox subscription service box for March. The contents of the MoonBox focuses on the full moon in Libra. The focus for March is life balance and letting go of what no longer serves you; the planet is Venus, the sign is Libra, and the element is air. The MoonBox subscription service is quickly becoming a favorite of mine because it includes an incredible variety of items to use for a full moon ritual.

I have been working on connecting with nature, the universe and spirit; so I enjoy the MoonBox subscription service.

MoonBox Libra

The box for March includes:

  •  Libra Moon Oracle Card by ‘Star Child Tarot’. The card features beautiful goddess imagery with a detailed explanation on the back of the card. The Libra symbol is represented by an entirely balanced scale. This month the full moon is asking us to pay particular attention to balance and relationships and other areas of our lives. Libra is reminding us to day mindful towards ourselves and relationships to create balance and harmony. In addition to letting go of things that no longer serve us.
  •    Tea Soak/Herb Blend: is a blend of Ashwagandha, Cardamom, Hawthorne Berry, Holy Basil, Melissa, Rose, and Yerba Mate.
  •   Libra Moon Oil: Geranium, Bergamot, Patchouli, Ylang-Ylang, Lavender and floating raspberry leaf. The Libra oil has a lovely fragrance that is packaged in glass with a roller-ball for easy application.
  •   Copal Palo Santo incense kit: the incense kit includes copal resin, Palo Santo dust and a self-igniting Charcoal disc for burning. The fragrance is very aromatic and soothing.
  •   Libra Gemstones: Rose Quartz, Jade, and Fluorite Octahedron.
  •     Ornamental chalkboard with chalk.
  •   Moss.

MoonBox Libra

The 11 sacred steps for Libra full moon instructions

1.    Observe your surroundings.

2.    Notice the essentials.

3.    Notice any clutter.

4.    Close the physical eyes.

5.    Open the spiritual eye.

6.    Balance the body.

7.    Balance the mind.

8.    Balance the spirit.

9.    Listen to its call.

10.    Be present in the shift.

11.    Find fresh perspective.

MoonBox Libra

I really enjoy the MoonBox subscription service because of the variety of items I received. My favorite items every month are the crystals. I happen to be a bit of a crystal junky, so I am always drawn to them right when I open the box. The crystals this month are a really good size and come with a clear description.

Rose Quartz is a pink gemstone used for the heart chakra. It amplifies the heart space in all loving ways; while easing and protecting one from any sense of loneliness or despair.

Jade is a green gemstone used for the heart chakra. Jade is the stone of luck, love, and a happy fulfilled life. The stone is used to attract and inspire positive energy into your life.

Fluorite Octahedron is a green or purple gemstone that is utilized for the heart, throat, and third eye chakra. It is used as an aura cleanser and mind organizer. The stone is a reminder of what is essential and what is not.

MoonBox Libra

I love receiving a package that contains everything you need for my monthly full moon ritual. Not only do you receive all of the tools for the ritual, a recorded meditation and thorough instructions are sent in an email for ease of use. I love receiving the email and the meditation because it saves on paper and the meditation is easier for me to use since it is a recording.

Last month I received a wearable gem which was a wire wrapped pendant the wearable gem this month is Aventurine earrings.

The MoonBox contains crystals, essential oils, herbs and other incredible items for $29.50 (shipping is free) with the option of adding a wearable gem for $10. If you’re interested in a smaller version The Moon Gift is an affordable option for $12.50 +2 dollars shipping it contains a hand-picked crystal, essential oil, tea soak/herb blend, and mantra. I love being able to have the choice for a large or small box when it comes to subscription services. The moon box subscription service is a wonderful way to treat yourself every month to celebrate the moon change. The full moon in Libra is March 22, 2016.

Additionally, MoonBox plants 10 trees in countries such as Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania for every MoonBox sent. To learn more about MoonBox subscription service or Moon Gift visit the website.

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