What Can You See And Do In The Philippines For Free?

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There are some places that are just spectacular to leave off your bucket list. When you’re wondering where to head to next for a travel adventure, there are plenty of choices. But one that provides a wealth of experiences, landscapes, and an interesting culture is the Philippines. Whatever it is you’re looking for in the world, chances are you’ll find satisfaction with this beautiful destination. But, of course, we’re all on a budget. So what can you see and do in the Philippines for free?

In places like Cebu Philippines, you really are spoiled for choice. One of the best reasons for coming here is to enjoy the amazing beaches. The weather is warm and dry enough from December until June. Even when it does rain, it can feel more refreshing than annoying. The beaches can also be a great place to find local people to chat with. You may even choose to take your accommodation by the coast too.


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One of the most incredible UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world is the Banaue Rice Terraces. People who come here stand in awe at this amazing structure and the people that come here each day. It is set in a beautiful green region that smells fresh after the rain. And it sounds amazing during a shower too, thanks to its tiered structure.


This tropical region doesn’t disappoint for strange and awe-inspiring views. But some of the best of them has to be under the clear blue sea. Diving is a favorite pastime here for the locals and the tourists. If you have the kit and you have the qualifications, you could enjoy snorkeling or diving here for free. There are so many beautiful species to see. The place is brimming with marine life.


Golf is another favorite pastime here for tourists and those that enjoy a more competitive approach to the sport. There are several excellent courses to choose from, but you can also enjoy a smaller version for free in the local facilities in and around the area. For something more adrenaline fueled, why not get on the water and enjoy some white water rafting or kayaking? There are great deals for a led tour, but you can enjoy the water for free too.


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If you have some money left in the budget, why not take advantage of an incredible spa experience? A spa break could be the entire reason for coming to the Philippines. Or it might just be a wonderful distraction from your travelling itinerary! Some hotels include complimentary spa services or access to jacuzzis and steam rooms. Even if you’re not confident at negotiating a good deal, it could be worth a try for a little bit of pampering.

The Philippines is so beautiful and so friendly that you won’t run out of incredible landscapes to explore of fun things to try. And you won’t have to pay a penny to enjoy them. However, there are a few things that the local people are rather good at that could be worth saving up for. Enjoy a spa treatment, or invest in some local art. Enjoy your stay.


  1. Tamra Phelps says

    I remember watching an episode of Expedition Unknown on the Travel Channel. They were in the Philippines, with explorers, looking for gold supposedly left behind by the Japanese after WWII. I remember thinking how beautiful the place looked. I’d love to see it.

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