San Francisco Salt Company

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Kick up your favorite meals with an extra layer of flavor from San Francisco Salt Company.

San Francisco Salt Company

Summer is officially in full swing which means families are spending more time outdoors on picnics, barbecues and summer celebrations. My family and I love grilling all year, but summer allows us to create our meals on a grill on a daily basis. I’m always looking for simple ways to add an extra layer of flavor or enhance our favorite recipes, but I do not want to add products or spices that contain nitrates or MSG to our food. I recently discovered San Francisco Salt Company and they have a fantastic variety of smoked salt and other salt varieties that add the flair to our food without harsh chemicals, nitrates or MSG.

San Francisco Salt Company

The smoked salt flavors are available in the following flavors:

  • Smoked Cherrywood Sea Salt offers a smooth, somewhat sweet tasting flavor to your favorite dishes. The pure sea salt is made by slowly smoking it with Maine Cherrywood fire, and the result is a smoky, smooth, slightly sweet layer of flavor.
  • Smoked Alderwood Sea Salt offers a rich, clean smoky flavor to your favorite meat, vegetables and other dishes. The Smoked Alderwood Sea Salt is created using pure Pacific Sea Salt that is slowly smoked over Northwest Red Alderwood fire.
  • Smoked Applewood Sea Salt offers a delightfully smoky, savory and sweet flavor that is perfect for your favorite meat, seafood, soups, and salads. The Smoked Applewood Sea Salt is created using pure sea salt that is slowly smoked with an Applewood fire.
  • Smoked Hickorywood Sea Salt offers a rich, smoky flavor with a delicious hickory aroma. The Smoked Hickorywood Sea Salt is created using pure sea salt that is slowly smoked over a Hickorywood fire. The Hickorywood Sea Salt is a must-have for the grill master or home chef.

All of the Smoked Sea Salt is kosher certified and adds a delightful layer of flavor without harshness or bitterness. They are also available in a course or fine texture, as well as, a variety of sizes ranging from a 4-ounce shaker bottle to 20-pound bags. I love all of the Smoked Sea Salt because they provide a delightful extra layer of flavor to my favorite meals. The Hickorywood Sea Salt is an absolute must-have for the grill master or at home chef. My favorite is the Smoked Applewood Sea Salt because the savory, smoky and sweet flavor is the perfect complement to my everyday cooking. All of the Smoked Sea Salt is extremely versatile and can be used on a vast array of food including; steaks, vegetables, corn on the cob, French fries, and even popcorn!

San Francisco Salt Company

San Francisco Salt Company has and Ultimate Blend Gourmet Chef Salt, which features a combination of three high-quality salts. The combination includes Sherpa Pink Himalayan Salt, French Grey Salt, and Pacific Sea Salt. The result is a delicately balanced, versatile salt blend that is perfect to use every day to enhance your favorite recipes.

San Francisco Salt Company products are certified authentic premium quality 100% pure and natural. To keep your salt fresh it is important to store it properly in sealed containers. Not only does the San Francisco Salt Company have a wide array of gourmet salt but there is also a line of bath salts available.

I recommend the delicious sea salt to add to your cooking repertoire. To learn more about the products available or recipe ideas visit the website.

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